How to make felt Halloween spiders

halloween spiders 3

I am not like those mom’s who have their Halloween decorations out on October 1. I would love to be, but the last couple of years we’ve taken a more dynamic approach to decorating. Dynamic meaning, it rolls out over the course of a few weeks and we’re lucky if we have it done by [Read More]

Pumpkin carving ideas

wicked pumpkin

It’s PUMPKIN PALOOZA at Chez Perot. We kicked it off with a visit to the Pumpkin patch, where Big Daddy told the Cupcake that should could get whatever pumpkin she wanted, so long as she could lift it into the wagon by herself. That didn’t last long. Big Daddy’s a sucker, and this sucker was [Read More]

How this Dallas Mom feels about Ebola

hazmat suit

This Ebola is so polarizing. People are scared. Smarty-pants people are scolding the scared, telling them to calm down. People pointing fingers at other people to blame. It’s a big hot mess. The way I see it, fear and logic don’t play nice with each other and it’s just downright exhausting. Logic tells me that [Read More]

28 days to lose “the bass”

UK newspaper on fat dogs

The article reads, “Half of Britain’s eight million dogs are now classified as overweight – a dramatic leap from just 35 percent of the nation’s canine population in 2010.” As if we American’s didn’t get a bad wrap for our portly bellies, the Brits have now turned on themselves and are poking fun at their [Read More]

Our “conscious uncoupling”


I’ve never connected with Gwyneth Paltrow before I had the realization that I’m having a “conscious uncoupling” from my six year old. It’s not my idea, it’s the Cupcake’s. And don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled with her newfound sense maturity, even though I’m secretly mourning the loss of my baby girl who doesn’t need [Read More]

Spoiler Alert: Where babies come from


I was just innocently driving home from soccer practice. “Mommy, how does the baby get into the mommy’s tummy?”  Thoughtful pause… “The Daddy puts it there.” (Why didn’t I say something about a stork, or God, or – look, there’s a motorcycle! Anything to delay this conversation???) “No Mommy. I want to know HOW the [Read More]

Sheffield Oasis: Whitley Hall Hotel

back view of Whitley Hall Hotel

If I ever tell you that I’m going off the grid and I have a passport hidden behind my back, there’s a pretty good chance that I may be on my way to the Whitley Hall Hotel in Sheffield, England. I know, you think… not the beach? Not the mountains? No. I want to go [Read More]

Advent calendars for everyone

lego city advent calendar

I know Halloween is creeping up like the spook that it is, but today, I’m leapfrogging a bit to get ready for Christmas. I know, it seems like I start planning earlier and earlier every year. Truth be known, I started shopping in July. Yes, I’m serious. As a child, we didn’t have shelves at [Read More]

The chalk paint beast

annie sloan chalk paint project

My list of chalk painting projects is NOT getting any shorter. It feels as though I always have a piece or three that are “in progress.” It’s my own doing. When we built our house, I convinced myself it was an ideal time to lighten up the office furniture with a chalk paint bath. Methodically, I’ve been [Read More]

The big tease that was Emma Bridgewater

Photo Emma Bridgewater

From across the pond, I’ve coveted and IG-stalked these unique and personalizible housewares from Emma Bridgewater. There’s something quirky, whimsical, and inherently British that made me fall in love with this chunky pottery. But they’re darn expensive to order from the US, so I haven’t a one. Opportunist traveler that I am, naturally I scheduled [Read More]

The Birdhouse Challenge

birdhouse challenger

Earlier this week I told you about ProtoSPARK! the creativity and learning playground coming to south Dallas in 2015. Last night, the Princess Cupcake and I attended their kick-off event at their offices in Southside on Lamar. Let me tell you, if even ½ of the vision they have for this initiative comes to fruition, [Read More]

Inveraray Castle

inveraray castle scotland

It’s sort of an unwritten rule that when you visit Britain, you have to visit at least one castle. Right? A real, live, majestic stone castle that when you walk through its doors, it magically transports you to another age in time. If you can manage to block out the hoardes of tourists surrounding you, [Read More]

SPARK! learning playground is coming to Dallas


Let me tell you about something I’m really jazzed about. (Dallas is so cool.) SPARK! is coming. SPARK! is a learning playground for kids age 7 – 17, mashing up fun and education with creative disciplines from fine art and engineering sciences to culinary art, music, architecture and more. SPARK! is a one-of-a-kind indoor/outdoor, 360-degree, hands-on [Read More]