Top 4 Trader Joe’s Must Buys

cookie butter cocoa swirl from trader joes

It’s always fun when family comes to Dallas to visit and we get to introduce them to some of our amazing retail opportunities. This week we have Gran and Grandpa in from Chattanooga and among our list of places to indoctrinate them to is Trader Joe’s. Sadly, their closest Trader Joe’s is hours away in [Read More]

Inside Carl Trimble’s Stained Glass Studio

lead glass fleur de lis

One of my favorite things about visiting different churches is gazing at the sunlight shining through their beautiful stained glass windows. What an incredible gift it is to be a stained glass artist and to tell stories with bits of light and colored magic!  Look at this amazing piece! I’ve only dabbled in the glass + [Read More]

How to make a mosaic cross with grout

DIY mosaic cross

I keep seeing mosaic crosses everywhere – from boutiques to Buc-ees. Every time I see them, I just tsk-tsk and smh at the price. It’s an easy project you can do with relatively inexpensive materials, AND customize it to make it personal to you. Being a crafter at heart, I hoard things that might be [Read More]

New menu for popular kid-friendly restaurant

cali alfredo pizza at chuck e cheeses

Hey, I found this new restaurant. They make and hand-stretch their pizza dough to make thin and crispy pizza crust everyday in-house. I really like their tangy BBQ chicken pizza with peppers, crispy onions on top and more BBQ drizzle, but my favorite is their white pizza, the “Cali Alfredo” with fresh spinach and mushrooms, [Read More]

Mid-summer boredom busters you can do from home

camp google space week

Mom’s guide to At-Home Mid-Summer Boredom Busters It’s mid-summer. Has the boredom set in yet? Are your kids complaining they have “nothing to do?” Yes, I hear all the moms who profess that boredom is good. “Kids creativity comes out when they’re bored. Don’t entertain them. Don’t let them stare at a screen…Blah, blah, blah. [Read More]

Buc-ee’s Terrell Texas – Beaver Love

Buc-ee's Terrell statue

The bar for gas stations has just hit the stratosphere. Buc-ee’s has moved into North Texas and we are forever spoilt. They say things are bigger in Texas, and I think the founders of Buc-ee’s took that as a double dare. Massive doesn’t begin to describe the travel stop now open just outside of DFW. If [Read More]

DIY Patriotic Pallet Sign

red white and blue pallet sign

My 8th CRAFTMAS was last night and I have been dying to show you what I made for it. This rounds’ theme was  AMERICANA and since this week is July 4th, and I thought this  easy red, white and blue HOME sign would be perfect. It didn’t take a ton of time, and you can [Read More]

DIY Decorative Matchboxes

diy matchbox in breakfast at tiffany's theme

Tonight is our EIGHTH craft exchange! I couldn’t be more excited, but I just realized, I never posted MY own craft from the last exchange. It was a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme and I had been dying to make these decorated matchboxes and thought…. well, she smokes in the movie. I guess that works. I love [Read More]

The Curmudgeon Goes To Camp

Spend Awhile on the Nile

The Cupcake is 7. This is the first year I decided to keep her “home” for the summer. I work from home, so it’s a true test of her independence — and my patience. So far, we’ve front-loaded the summer with camps and other than her developing an unhealthy reliance on an intravenous Netfix drip [Read More]

Free Father’s Day Printables

Fathers Day Printables

Every year on Father’s Day,  I scratch my head to figure out something new and different to give the dads in my life. And every year I end up shopping for the same things… golf gift cards and scotch. (zzzzzzzzzzz) Well, this year may be no different in terms of their wish list, but at [Read More]