How to get better sleep

better sleep photo

50% of Americans feel that they do not get enough sleep. Since getting MORE sleep is probably not going to happen until I retire, it’s time to look at ways to get BETTER sleep. Quality trumps quantity, right??? I was recently invited to share these tips on WFAA’s Good Morning Texas – but there was [Read More]

Fantasy in Sand comes to Arlington

wizard of oz in sand

There’s a new attraction at Globe Life Park in Arlington this summer, and you just have to follow the yellow brick road, i.e. I-30, to get there. Fantasy in Sand made its US debut, officially opening in Lot F today, just a major leaguers fastball away from the iconic baseball stadium. Featuring the classic story [Read More]

DIY: Photo transfer on wood

photo transfer to wood

Today I am featuring one of my dear blogger friends, Sevi Ware of  Ware is the Vodka. She has been a founding member of our Craft Exchange since it’s inception and I couldn’t imagine it without her! I love how she always goes head first into each project and for our 7th exchange with the Breakfast [Read More]

DIY Ribbon and Pearl Bracelets & Necklaces

ribbon and pearl bracelets

Have you seen these cool pearl ribbon and bead bracelets? They look super complicated, but my sister figured them out and made them for our 7th Craft Exchange. Since the theme was Breakfast at Tiffany’s, she chose a pretty pale blue, and the pearls were a perfect fit. I think they’re so fun! Think about all the [Read More]

How to make a tassel garland

tassle garland

If someone asked you to make a craft project in the theme of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, what would you make? That was the exact challenge for our 7th Craft Exchange! These ladies rallied with some incredible projects, and today, I’m featuring one of our new members, Alli. She is the amazing talent behind AlliK Design, [Read More]

6 tips for visiting Cadillac Ranch

cadillac ranch cars

Anyone who’s driven through west Texas via Amarillo, likely knows of the infamous Cadillac Ranch. Built in 1974 on the historic Route 66, as a public tribute to the evolution of the Cadillac tail fin, these 10 Cadillac’s were half-buried, nose first into the dirt belonging to Stanley Marsh. The Cadillac’s face west, oddly breaking up [Read More]

My favorite Southern tea cakes recipe

teacake recipe with fruit

My mother-in-law, God rest her soul, must’ve been horrified when she figured out her son was in love with a Yankee. She tried her best to Southernize me — with marginal success. After 24 years as a Southern resident, I think I’m fully entrenched, (Big Daddy would likely debate that) but just to make sure that [Read More]

DIY French Country Inspired Placemats

french country placesetting

Saturday was family date night and the Perot’s unanimously decided to go window shopping at Nebraska Furniture Mart, which is ironic because windows are probably the ONE thing they don’t sell there. Our favorite space in the store, is their “TEXAS” room where they have collections of elegant ranch style furnishings. Mainly we go for [Read More]