Not your 80’s jeans!

lee jeans4

There are a lot of things about the 80’s that I have left behind. Big curly hair, neon clothes, shoulder pads, striped eyeshadow, scrunchies, rubber bracelets… A wave of nostalgia comes over me when I see Star Wars and smurfs, shirts that are longer in back than the front, and those slouch boots. When I [Read More]

109 Best Elf on the Shelf Names

Naming your Elf on the Shelf

Naming your elf is a very. big. deal. You could be stuck with a name like Hokey Pokey or (gasp) Elsa for many, many years if you don’t get in front of this whole Elf thing. You know that’s a strong possibility, right? Especially if you find you are a natural at the whole Elf [Read More]

Design Contest from Vecco DIY

Vecco - Image #3

This is a sponsored blog post. The information was approved by me and consideration was paid to me by Vecco to help promote this event. Show Your Texas Pride with these design contests from Vecco DIY Rug Décor – You Could Win $2,500! Turning a house into a home is something you can be proud of. If [Read More]

Gift of Lights Give-away


The holidays are here, and it’s officially stretchy pants season. I’m warming up my elastic waistbands for these shortbread cookies and playing Christmas tunes on iHeartRadio. I’m also powering up my glue gun because it’s TOTALLY crafting season. I am one of those people who prefers creating undue stress on myself by making last minute [Read More]

The Pink House is REALLY Pinked Out!

fight like a girl

It’s officially the holidays whether you like it or not, AND this time of year you’ll be spending more money, like it or not. Me too, it goes with the season right? Personally, I try to avoid the mall at all costs starting November 1, and redirect my shopping to the convenience of the interwebs [Read More]

Blue Paris Pool Party

blue paris pool party tables

I have such fun friends. They party with picture-worthyness, and I love that they let me share them with you. Here’s a guest post from my friend Christina who you’ll recognize (despite her sassy new haircut) from flying kites, Spring Break with pie, School Frames and Medieval Times. So my daughter asked for a Blue Paris party [Read More]

Pajama give-away

pajamas giveaway

Oh my goodness. Halloween is OVER! The pressure. I swear. This year, the Cupcake wanted to be Hermoine Granger from Harry Potter. And I loved her even more for it, even though I agonized over making her cape. Good golly, that was a challenge for me with my short sewing attention span. But I think it [Read More]

Bounty and NFL Play 60 Character Camp

bounty NFL towels

How about those Cowboys? I have been laughing at all the memes over the past couple of weeks as “America’s Team” continues it’s seemingly unbelievable division domination and then destruction. I could probably make a few with the inspiration from these awesome towels that Bounty sent me. I mean, who knew Bounty had NFL licensed products?! Cowboys [Read More]

Making the Scene at Pug-O-Ween


What do you get when you mix more than 700 people and hundreds of pugs decked out in costumes that range from a fairy princess to a bumble bee? If you said loads of laughs, you’re right. If you said tons of fun, you’re also right. And if you said the 18th annual Pug-O-Ween, then [Read More]

How to make felt Halloween spiders

halloween spiders 3

I am not like those mom’s who have their Halloween decorations out on October 1. I would love to be, but the last couple of years we’ve taken a more dynamic approach to decorating. Dynamic meaning, it rolls out over the course of a few weeks and we’re lucky if we have it done by [Read More]

Pumpkin carving ideas

wicked pumpkin

It’s PUMPKIN PALOOZA at Chez Perot. We kicked it off with a visit to the Pumpkin patch, where Big Daddy told the Cupcake that should could get whatever pumpkin she wanted, so long as she could lift it into the wagon by herself. That didn’t last long. Big Daddy’s a sucker, and this sucker was [Read More]

How this Dallas Mom feels about Ebola

hazmat suit

This Ebola is so polarizing. People are scared. Smarty-pants people are scolding the scared, telling them to calm down. People pointing fingers at other people to blame. It’s a big hot mess. The way I see it, fear and logic don’t play nice with each other and it’s just downright exhausting. Logic tells me that [Read More]