Stick with me

kidecals mustache labels for kids

School has officially started and that means that we’ll be making lots of trips to the lost and found. Labeling everything that the Princess takes to school is an unparalleled feat that happens each year. Clothes, mittens, jackets, lunch box, backpack, school supplies, sandwich containers, soccer balls, basketball, hats… Kiss them goodbye if they don’t [Read More]

First Day, First Grade

first day of school photo frame

She did it. She started first grade. In a whole new school. Making all new friends. With an all new (to her) teacher. The old Princess Cupcake would have been a clingy, worried mess. We would have had a melt-down the evening before and nightmares to boot. For days. Not this Princess Cupcake. This one woke [Read More]

I am not afraid

colonoscopy prep

My mother, God rest her soul, missed out on some amazing moments and years upon years of family events. She missed out a chance to enjoy her retirement with her new husband. She missed seeing her daughter walk down the aisle, holding her first and only grandchild, celebrating her brother’s return to the mound at [Read More]

Women Who Do

Master Elizabeth Treger

This is one of my dearest friends, Lizzie <3 (Her mom hates when I call her that). She’s clearly kicking butt and taking names here. —-> So don’t call her “Lizzie” unless she says it’s okay. Got it? Her awesome photographer sister* took this photo (and I stole it off her Facebook page) while Elizabeth [Read More]

Cristi’Ali Chipotle Chicken Recipe

Cristi'Ali Sauce

I love it when someone sends me a new product to try and dinner “just happens” that night! This chicken recipe was such a simple and delicious dish, I had to share both the product and the story behind it. Cristi’Ali Cuisine is a company founded in 2009 by Romanian native Alina Trandafir, who now [Read More]

DIY Framed Pressed Flowers

demia frame

Today I am featuring my hip friend, DeMia Keppel and her beautiful project from the Craft Exchange. DeMia has the best coffee maker in the world, is a big deal with MAC cosmetics and just about the nicest person you’ll ever meet. This was such an unexpected craft, and the simple elegance of it became an instant [Read More]

Bananas Foster Butter Recipe

bananas foster butter recipe

One of my absolute favorite desserts is Bananas Foster. I could just take a bath in it I love it so much. That’s funny, because I’m only mildly interested in bananas by themselves, but I do love a fancy flaming dessert made with them. It’s probably the flaming part that makes bananas foster not on [Read More]

DIY Keepsake Box

keepsake box

Today I am featuring my friend Sevi Ware and her pretty keepsake box that she made for the Craft Exchange. Sevi is a kindred spirit that I met through of love of Vera Bradley, the Pink House (aka The Vintage House) and our shared adoption of our dear Miss Nan. Sevi is also the laughter [Read More]

DIY Felt Flower Wall Art

DIY felt flower wall art

Today I’m featuring my friend Sabrina Perrenoud. Sabrina always comes up with crazy cool projects for our Craft Exchange, (check out these from the kid’s exchange) and this time was no exception. In fact, I loved what she made so much, I asked for a second so I could hang them both on my office wall. That doesn’t [Read More]

DIY Memory Lane Pictures

a walk down memory lane

When my friend Camille Burgoyne started asking 1001 questions that can only be described as a “This is Your Life” type interview, I had no idea what she had up her sleeve for our latest Craft Exchange. Her last Craftmas project was handmade baskets from outdoor chair straps. And she had a broken arm when [Read More]

Triple Berry Mojito Jam Recipe

triple berry mojito jam dinner

8:24 a.m. Yank covers off Princess Cupcake. Departure time in 16 minutes. 8:26 a.m. Have forceably inserted soccer socks and shorts onto Princess Cupcake while she is still horizontal in bed with eyes firmly closed. 8:27 a.m. Princess Cupcake sits upright with big eyes and says, “MOM. It’s TEACHER APPRECIATION day at Camp today. We [Read More]