SPARK! learning playground is coming to Dallas


Let me tell you about something I’m really jazzed about. (Dallas is so cool.) SPARK! is coming. SPARK! is a learning playground for kids age 7 – 17, mashing up fun and education with creative disciplines from fine art and engineering sciences to culinary art, music, architecture and more. SPARK! is a one-of-a-kind indoor/outdoor, 360-degree, hands-on [Read More]

Upcycling a mirror with chalk paint

close up of chalk paint mirror

Alternate title: How to horrify your husband. I wish you could have seen “Big Daddy’s” (aka, the hubs) face when we were dropping off a load to Goodwill and I returned to the car clutching this fantastic find. “Put it back.” “No.“ “We’re here to give things away. Not take ANYTHING home.” “Too late.” “Put [Read More]

A seriously big announcement


It’s serious announcement time. This is big. BIG. Are you ready? MARTHA STEWART CRAFTS is sponsoring our CRAFT EXCHANGE CHALLENGE! I’m so freakin’ excited. <<<<SQUEAL!>>>> As you know, our crafty club exchanges – by surprise – handmade gifts to each other 3 times a year. We’ve been going since January of 2013 and it’s a [Read More]

One day on Islay

scottish beach on is lay

The non-scotch drinker’s guide to visiting Islay Scotland I’ll wager a guess I’m not the first non-scotch drinking tourist to visit Islay, Scotland, accompanying their whisky-loving better half. I’ll also go out on a limb and say we probably covered more peat-covered ground than most 1st time visitors on Islay do in a single day. [Read More]

North Texas Giving Back Day


Hey North Texas. Mark your calendar for September 18th. It’s Giving Back Day, y’all. Launched in 2009 by the Communities Foundation of Texas and the Center for Nonprofit Management, the North Texas Giving Back Day serves as a single day fundraiser for 1,500 local non-profit organizations. North Texan’s 75,000 donations resulted in $25.2 million going [Read More]

If only Britain had a Del Taco

Del Taco Store Locator

One of the biggest concerns we had when travelling to Britain was, quite honestly, what would we eat?! Coming from the Tex-Mex capital of the world where it’s perfectly acceptable to serve a tortilla with every meal, the thought being away from our carne asada and slow roasted beans was going to pose a problem. For [Read More]

Bruichladdich Love

welcome to bruichladdich

Most people travel to Scotland’s Islay to visit the distilleries. We actually stay IN the distillery rather than a hotel. I know, weird. But thanks to a long friendship between my dad and Jim McEwan, the master distiller of Bruichladdich, we actually got to stay in the academy quarters that are on the distillery grounds. [Read More]

Getting there: From Dallas to Scotland

uk ferry flag

(Written on the first official day of our UK trip, this post sets the stage of our overseas adventure.) The best things in life are worth waiting for. 24 hours of traveling and we are rewarded with a beautiful Scottish morning. Setting Off – The Adventure Begins As I sit here on the Caledonian MacBrayne ferry [Read More]

Stick with me

kidecals mustache labels for kids

School has officially started and that means that we’ll be making lots of trips to the lost and found. Labeling everything that the Princess takes to school is an unparalleled feat that happens each year. Clothes, mittens, jackets, lunch box, backpack, school supplies, sandwich containers, soccer balls, basketball, hats… Kiss them goodbye if they don’t [Read More]

First Day, First Grade

first day of school photo frame

She did it. She started first grade. In a whole new school. Making all new friends. With an all new (to her) teacher. The old Princess Cupcake would have been a clingy, worried mess. We would have had a melt-down the evening before and nightmares to boot. For days. Not this Princess Cupcake. This one woke [Read More]

I am not afraid

colonoscopy prep

My mother, God rest her soul, missed out on some amazing moments and years upon years of family events. She missed out a chance to enjoy her retirement with her new husband. She missed seeing her daughter walk down the aisle, holding her first and only grandchild, celebrating her brother’s return to the mound at [Read More]