How to choose lighting for your home

zillow kitchen lighting

There’s something about a dazzling crystal chandelier that makes my heart flutter. I get all gah-gah when I see the sparkly rainbow that it throws against the wall. Add something unexpected like wrought iron or a splash of color and I’m a goner, totally mesmerized. I could easily spend a few hours in a lighting [Read More]

Odysseo by Cavalia, Frisco is a Family MUST SEE


Y’all, I had the most incredible evening at the Odysseo by Cavalia, Frisco show!   I’m not sure if there is any more beautiful animal than a horse but this performance takes your breath away from the moment the curtain swings open. Imagine, 63 horses, 46 riders, acrobatics, aerialists, digital artistry, and live musicians. Let’s [Read More]

When did pooping toys become a thing?

Moxie Girlz Poopsy Pets

Hold up. What is going on with little girl toys these days?! When did the toy industry, in their $60 billion dollar world full infinite wisdom, focus groups and classified research, determine that the parents of the world have been abhorrently depriving their little girls of toys that emulate pooping, sex, death, and self-mutilation?! I [Read More]

DIY Decorative Glass Blocks

monogram glass blocks

Look at these DIY decorative glass blocks. They are my new favorite DIY project? Pretty cool, eh? I made a boatload of them at the holidays to give as gifts. And larger ones: And this special one for a friend who loves all things Dr. Seuss. They’re not that hard to do if you have [Read More]

Mini King Cake Recipe

mini maple bacon king cakes

In our house, Mardi Gras is a holiday. It has a dedicated storage bin in the attic solely dedicated to it alone. We’ve even been known to decorate a tree for it. We may be too old and lazy to drag ourselves down to St Charles Street to claim optimal bead catching real estate, let alone stay up [Read More]

Valentine Giveaway – I love you more

i love you more sign

“I love you to the moon and back, Sweet Pea.” “I love you to jupiter and back.” “Well, I love you all the way through the milky way and back.” “The Milky Way? CAN-DEE?” “No, not the candy. I just love you more. You have all my love.” All my love. It’s even more beautiful [Read More]

How to make fake water for a vase

making fake water for a vase

I love crafting and science mashups, don’t you? So does my (recently retired) dad. Remember when he helped me out with the DIY shrinky dinks? Well… the mad scientist chemical engineer is at it again. But this time, he wasn’t interested in crafting with ME as much as he was the grandkids. Those precious faces, [Read More]

2015 in one word

achieve lettering

What do you do to reset for the new year? Resolutions? Bucket lists? Strategy planning? We did some resolutions research for a client story and found that 25% of Americans have failed their resolutions that within a week. After two weeks, 71% are still hanging in there but after a month, that number drops to [Read More]

DIY Letter Books

book letters

I may have squealed a little when I opened this project from our Craft Exchange Challenge. Sabrina made library letter books. She brilliantly incorporated the required flocking powder, fringe scissors, and tinted decoupage provided by Martha Stewart Crafts. I’ve seen these at a local antique mall for $18, and on for $14.95, but NONE [Read More]

MacKenzie-Childs inspired DIY

mackenzie childs inspired pumpkins

It’s MCM (Man Crush Monday) and I’m going to take a minute to show you something Big Daddy’s been up to lately. He knows how much I love MacKenzie-Childs, but neither of us love the prices. For the last craft exchange challenge, I made some MacKenzie-Childs inspired ornaments using the required Martha Stewart Crafts fringe [Read More]

I Caught Santa Photos

I caught santa photos4

Wait, what? Photo proof that Santa was in YOUR living room? Yes, you can make one too. Someone caught Santa leaving presents under your tree. (wink, wink) This is so much fun and adds to the magic of Christmas for the wee ones. I know you have a ton of things to do today on [Read More]