Life lessons in Flashback Fridays

ca trip goofy

Thanks to this four year old photo which popped up in my “Facebook memories”, I got to reflect on some significant life lessons that I have sadly had to learn since it was taken. Four years ago today, wow. What a roller coaster we’ve been on since that snapshot was taken and what a flood of [Read More]

DIY Fabric Ruffle Flag

DIY fabric flag

I love featuring my Craft Exchange peeps and their incredible projects. Here’s the latest one from Debbie — she’s one of our expert sewers, but this project doesn’t HAVE to use a sewing machine. You can make this by hand, it would just take a little bit more patience. Remember, our theme for this exchange [Read More]

DIY Birch Wood Woven Wall Hangings

sevi project

Our 8th round of craft exchange was themed Americana — which is defined as anything uniquely American. I was hoping that we would have a good mix of red, white, and blue projects, as well as things that were inspired by history, art, and culture that would be recognizable as from our beloved country. I’m [Read More]

Sewing Camp is SEW FUN! (Review)

Sew Fun Studios Penguin

If you’ve every tried to teach your daughter how to sew on your sewing machine, you know that it requires a bottle of wine or two to calm your nerves. The sharp needle and your fear that she’ll puncture her finger, the peddle that she either floor like she’s racing a yellow light or doesn’t [Read More]

Vonlane to Austin Travel Review

cruising on vonlane

Hey Texas. I know you love your Southwest Airlines for short-run cheap airfares. Getting from Dallas to Austin is just a 50 minute flight. Plus, check-in. And security. And boarding. And unboarding. Now that 50 minute flight is close to actual drive time right? But you’re not driving, so you can do other stuff. Kinda. [Read More]

DAISO opens in Texas and ups the dollar store game

DAISO interior sign

Ever since I was in high school working my way through summer at the seaside 99cent store, I’ve so loved what you can get for only a dollar. After this weekend, I’ve decided the 100 Yen stores are even better. DAISO, the Japanese bargain store-darling described as Target Dollar Spot meets Container Store, opened it’s [Read More]

How to Make Nautical Rope Bracelets

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 1.14.29 PM

I love featuring all the amazing talented women in my craft exchange. Our 8th exchange theme was AMERICANA and these ladies really came up with some fab projects. Today I’m showing you the nautical bracelets that Jenn made, similar to what you’d find at major retailers for a LOT of money — for rope anyway! Here’s [Read More]

SPARK Dallas, Creative Playground and Learning

2015-07-24 09.53.24

Remember when I told you about the birdhouse contest a few months ago? The one at the future site of SPARK! Adventures in Creativity, the new learning playground in the basement of Southside on Lamar in Downtown Dallas? Well, get excited Dallas! SPARK! is now open and it’s everything they promised it would be. The Cupcake and [Read More]

5 Essential Tips for Pet Pool Safety

beni and beau modeling in pool

Oh, Summer. How we love your sun-drenched 100+ degree days. Jumping into that pool is so much more refreshing when you can sweat your patootie off from just standing still. Everyone wants to a dip in the pool or lake to cool off – and that includes our four-legged fur family. They love to play in [Read More]

Top 4 Trader Joe’s Must Buys

cookie butter cocoa swirl from trader joes

It’s always fun when family comes to Dallas to visit and we get to introduce them to some of our amazing retail opportunities. This week we have Gran and Grandpa in from Chattanooga and among our list of places to indoctrinate them to is Trader Joe’s. Sadly, their closest Trader Joe’s is hours away in [Read More]

Inside Carl Trimble’s Stained Glass Studio

lead glass fleur de lis

One of my favorite things about visiting different churches is gazing at the sunlight shining through their beautiful stained glass windows. What an incredible gift it is to be a stained glass artist and to tell stories with bits of light and colored magic!  Look at this amazing piece! I’ve only dabbled in the glass + [Read More]

How to make a mosaic cross with grout

DIY mosaic cross

I keep seeing mosaic crosses everywhere – from boutiques to Buc-ees. Every time I see them, I just tsk-tsk and smh at the price. It’s an easy project you can do with relatively inexpensive materials, AND customize it to make it personal to you. Being a crafter at heart, I hoard things that might be [Read More]