Elf on a Shelf mischief: Day 6 Magnet Madness

“You’d better go clean up the mess your elves made.”

The Cupcake was up and as with every morning in December, eager to find her Elf on a Shelf and their latest antics. Off she went to the kitchen, only to find that those elves had tossed everything off the refrigerator. (Secretly, I was happy about that part, desperately wanting a naked fridge again. The magnet collections and papers was overwhelming.)

elf magnet mess

They had built up a step ladder with her giant legos so that they could make a magnet puzzle of a  Christmas tree on the fridge. I guess Jewel got tired though – she was lounging in the water dispenser getting a mug of water. And holding a prime puzzle piece which I don’t think Chintz knew she had…

magnet mischief elf on a shelf

Oh yes, and they left a message. Just so everyone knows their place.

elf message on refrigerator

Follow Chintz and Jewel as they get into more Elf on a Shelf mischief here.

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