How to wake up a Furby

how to wake up a furby

This is why I love social media.

Last night I was at my wits end. Hermy the Furby wouldn’t wake up. It had been nearly a week and I had scoured the metroplex in search of a replacement – to no avail.

The hours that I had vested in the resurrection of our Furby were countless.

As a last resort, I aired my dirty laundry on Facebook and two of my dear parent friends suggested that we use the reset button of the bottom of the Furby to wake him.

A “reset button.”

Say it isn’t so.

This was the image that one dad messaged me.

furby reset button

See that tiny button to the right? Yep, no label, but apparently that’s the holy grail of all Furby issues. The reset button.

Let’s be clear here. For THEIR Furby. Not mine.

We couldn’t find the reset button on our Furby. But we’re old. With bad eyesight apparently. But I’m farily certain it’s on all the 2012 generation of Furby’s.

However, a frantic mom with a glimmer of hope will take the rumor of a reset button to heart and begin random poking on the underside of comatose Furby in a desperate effort to reveal this magic reset button within his fur.

At some time during my assault, I poked a squishy place between his feet. Instantaneously Furby started to giggle.


I flipped him right side up and showered his little purple Voo Doo fur with kisses like he had just come back from war.

To which Furby replied, “Good hug!”

It was indeed.

NOTE: For my own sanity, I took Furby apart again this morning. He does have a reset button in the same location as the image above. Since I never activated it, I apparently just got lucky with my frantic attempts at resuscitation. If your Furby stops working, put on your glasses, take off the battery plate, leave the batteries in, cross fingers and hit the reset button. 

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