Homemade Valentine’s Day Card – Lollipop Photo

lollipop photo valentine(See our other Valentine’s Day projects this year!)

It all started with the revamp of last year’s Valentine where we took a photo of her holding her fist out, printed it and then cut a hole to put the lollipop through.

This year we kicked it up a notch and bought a prop. Even Daddy got in on the action this go-around with a trip to Home Depot:

Here’s some tip on how to do this Lollipop Photo Valentine


lollipop photo valentine

  1. Take a piece of PVC pipe cut to about 2/3 of your child’s height
  2. Photograph him/her holding it. We hung a piece of pink fabric over the fence in the back yard.
3. You’ll want to either write on it or use Photoshop or a scrapbooking program to put Happy Valentine’s Day on  it (thank you “Aunt Molly” for adding our words J)
4. Print out the picture, take your Exacto knife and cut a small slit on the photo where the pvc pipe ends and shove a lollipop though it.

Adorable and done. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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