North Pole Breakfast

He’s back. Chintz, our Elf on a Shelf, is back.

And not only is he back for his second Christmas season, he brought an Elf on a Shelf scout elf friend.

elf on a shelf north pole breakfast

Who was promptly named, “Jewel.” You know, so she could get her magic right away.

According to the note Chintz left, Jewel was sent to keep an eye on the puggies.

princess cupcake's puggies

Because that’s a really big job. Too big for one Elf on the Shelf. (Good luck Jewel.)

So now we have two Elves that will wreck havoc I mean keep watch over our home for the next 24 days…

It was nice of them to celebrate their arrival with a North Pole breakfast, which was waiting for us when we got up: banana snowmen (complete with skittle buttons and a bacon scarf),

north pole breakfast snowmen

Note to elf: skittles melt when you add them too early…

holiday marshmallows, donut hole snow balls, candy cane donut stacks,

top view of north pole breakfast table

iced cinnamon rolls, chocolate cupcakes,

north pole breakfast sweets

milk in red glasses with peppermint straws, marshmallow lollipops, and of course lots and lots of candy. Everything was sitting on a glittery blanket of snow with red jewels sprinkled all about, a Christmas tree and snowman ornaments.

north pole breakfast candy  ready to eat north pole breakfast

Way to go Elf on a Shelf friends!

How did your elf return?

north pole breakfast candy

View Chintz and Jewel’s other Elf on a Shelf mischief here.

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