Retail Therapy at the Vera Bradley Launch

I just saw a preview for the new Disney movie, “Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day,” and it hit a little too close to home as I declared yesterday, “I AM DONE.” It was the culmination of worst few days I’d had in a long while.

It was definitely a 1st world, middle-class pity party I had going on, with the torrents of rain (= awful hair and lots of last minute cancelled swim lessons after we’re all dressed and packed up),

texas weather

the work stress from spending literally half the week away from the office, the builder that quit without our home warranty work done, the tire with the nail in it, the return visit on the same day to the tire repair because they gave me an honest flat tire instead of a leaking one, the broken toe and the 3 subsequent major stubbings to ensure a constant throbbing and swelling in my foot, the dog who was sick and threw up 11 times on the new carpet in my closet and once more on the living room carpet that I have found so far, which goes along with the $500 and 3+ hours at the all night emergency vet,

beni at the vet

and something that the Cupcake has sworn me to secrecy for so I cannot share. To top it all off, we were out of coffee creamer.

Suffice to say, I am really happy that this is all that I have to complain about and that week has come to an end. I’ve been satellite officing at the soccer fields all week on top of all all the SNAFU’s

2014-07-18 12.06.16

and next week I get back into my normal work environment, ready to tackle the world with my foot elevated.

Amidst all the crazy (quite literally between the flat tires), I’m delighted that we were able to visit with our friend Nan at the Vintage House in Carrollton.

miss nan at the vintage house

It’s been ages since we’ve been, thanks to the move it’s just not as easy to swing by, BUT on this day, we stopped the madness to shuffle in and gawk at the amazing Vera Bradley replica cake from C Star Cakes and the fun new patterns launched that day.

top and bottom of vera bradley cake vera bradley cake ziggy zags vera bradley launch cake vera bradley replica cake

The cupcake took a particular interest in this new style of backpack called the ultimate backpack ($88) in African Violet. Little stinker is still begging me to get it for her for school next month.

vera bradley ultimate backpack in african violet

She did talk me into replacing her disgusting Princess lunch bag with this new cute Vera Bradley lunch mate ($28) in Leopard Spots. (I was a willing push-over on this acquisition. The old one was gross.)

vera bradley  lunch mate in leopard spots

We also came home with these fun new Vera Bradley beaded stud earrings ($20) for her freshly pierced ears.

vera bradley beaded post earrings

And a few click pens to brighten up the office. ($12) Mama had to get something for herself, right? I’m down to two now because guess who already stole one? One hint, the backpack beggar.

vera bradley click pens

Before we left, she struck a pose with the Vera Bradley Lighten Up Lunch Mate in Ziggy Zags because it went so well with her swim cover-up that I literally had just put on her when I got  the email came in that her lesson was cancelled. The bag is more like camouflaged, but still, we’re major crushing on this new pattern.

vera bradley lunch mate in ziggy zags princess cupcake with ziggy zags lunch mate

What I didn’t leave with are these new favoite lovies, the new slim and trim hipster style crossovers in textured PVC. (Think Louis Vuitton without the price tag. They’re only $58.)

leopard spots vera bradley hipster ziggy zags vera bradley hipster

But the best part about the launch party is always getting to see miss Nan!

miss nan at the vintage house

Next week is going to be great because I will make it so. However should you be having your own very bad day, take a look at the Disney trailer for “Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day” and maybe it will make you feel better too.

Some of the VB photos courtesy of The Vintage House.

beni pug and the vera bradley tote

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    So I got the exact same pens as you….and added the pencils in for sheer giggles. I am so bummed we missed each other. Let’s plan something soon!

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