Super Easy Glitter T-Shirt in 12 Simple Steps

I know you’ve been snookered by those words, “super easy” before so you don’t believe me yet. But it’s true. With just 12 simple steps, YOU can make a custom glitter shirt for your Princess in one evening.  I say “Princess” for fear of excluding any boys that may have a fondness for all things sparkly – but if you didn’t want to use glitter, you can modify this with fabric paint and get the same, albeit unfantabulously shiny, results.

So I’ll admit that I initially bought all the fixin’s for this project for my munchkin and did not execute.

THEN the Cotton Bowl came around and guess what. College football gamewear is really tough to find for:

a) a girl if you still want to look like a girl, and

b) when your team isn’t even in the same state as you and

c) you didn’t have time to focus on acquiring said rally wear until the week of the match-up. And no thank you, I’m not interested in paying for overnight delivery.

So sorry Princess Cupcake, I am borrowing your glitter because this one is for the Mommies. You’re in bed anyway, and I promise if it turns out, we’ll glitterize whatever your little heart desires…

Here’s what you need:

  • T-shirt – mine was a cute girl shirt washed and dried withOUT fabric softener
  • Computer with printer – unless you are brave enough to free-hand. I. AM. NOT.
  • Fabric glitter – I got mine at Michaels – they have a rainbow of colors sure to satify the most discriminating princess
  • Fabric glitter glue and sponge – Again, Michaels (although it’s not on their website)
  • Freezer paper – any grocery store or Wal-Mart
  • Pen or pencil
  • Xacto knife – art supply store
  • Cutting mat – craft store
  • Tape
  • Iron
  • Magazine

How to:

1. Design your graphic on the computer. The toughest part of this project is deciding what to put on your shirt. I – being the Tiger fan – chose to go with a simple “LSU” centered with a fleur di lis on the top and bottom. Nothing crazy. Using Microsoft Word, I set the page orientation on horizontal, picked a fun font and enlarged it so it would fill up the paper to the edge of my margins. Then I hopped online and found some line art for a fleur di lis. I copied the image and dropped it onto my page, sized the image and then copied it so the images would be identical top and bottom and ta-dah! I had my pattern. (Did I lose you? That was just the long way of saying, create your design in Word.)

2. Next I printed out the pattern and laid it underneath a piece of the freezer paper.

3. Trace the pattern onto the freezer paper with a pen or pencil. Be sure to put the shiny side of the freezer paper away from you. You will be drawing on the coarse side.

4. Lay your freezer paper on your cutting mat and using your X-Acto knife, CAREFULLY cut out your design. Depending on how intricate of a design you made, this could take a while. If your knife is sharp, it should cut very easily though. Make sure you are not getting help from little ones during this process. I have a scar on my thigh from college when a kitten startled me and I dropped an X-Acto knife in my lap. First instinct was to “catch” it by closing my legs together really tightly – you know, so it wouldn’t fall on the ground — with the knife perpendicular to my thighs– yeah. Not so good. I never did like graphic design class after that. But if that professor could see me now…

5. When you are done cutting it out, take your pattern stencil and tape it to your shirt where you want it to be.

6. Now iron the freezer paper to your shirt. Crazy, I know but it’ll stick to it. You want to make sure it’s well-bonded to the shirt otherwise your edges are not going to be sharp. Don’t iron the tape though, that’s just to keep the stencil from sliding when you first start to iron. You can take the tape off as soon as you have got the freezer paper adhering to the t-shirt.

7. If you’re getting really intricate with your design and colors, you might consider masking off areas by color so there’s no chance of the colors mixing. I didn’t – I just went for it. I’m that kinda gal.

8. Put your magazine under the stenciled area so the glue won’t seep through to the other side of the shirt.

9. Take your glue and the sponge it came with and wipe the glue creating a decent layer of it onto the exposed areas of the stencil where you are going to want the glitter to stick.

10. Sprinkle the glitter onto the glue. Make sure you cover it completely! Shake off excess. Cheapskate that I am, I thought I would try and save the excess, and if you’ve read my previous experience with glitter you’ll know that wasn’t a good idea. I then shook it and everything it now clung to into the sink. Hint: a wet paper towel will pick up the fly-aways on your countertops and wood floors so the pugs don’t eat it.

11. Let it dry for at least 4 hours. I let mine dry overnight. But because I waited until the last minute, it wasn’t for much longer than 4 hours.

12. Peel off the freezer paper stencil and VOILA! Game Day Tailgating Shirt!

LSU Glitter T-shirt(Sorry it’s not laid out flat so it’s hard to tell – but it turned out perfect!)

It passed muster with the hubs. When Princess discovered my creation the next morning she yelled, “GO TIGERS!” (She can’t read yet but she knows what to do!) And then she said, “I LIKE your SHIRT!”

Well precious puddin’ pop, that just earned you one of your own.

And don’t you know, one of the GUYS at the tailgate later that day –unprompted — asked the hubs where I got my shirt “because you just can’t find good looking logo wear for women.”

All in all, I’d say it’s a winner and I’m pretty damn impressed with it if I do say so myself. I still cannot believe how easy it was! I’ll be making more of these for sure – forget those stupid iron on letters that I used to use. Those are SO 2010.

Note: POPCS moms, I am making a template for a POPCS shirt. Leave me a comment if you want me to email it to you.

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  1. 1

    JACOBA says


  2. 2


    This sounds awesome. My little one was telling me the other day that she wants to put glitter on some dresses that she has so that she can be “Pretty as a Princess” Will the glitter stay on through the washing machine?


    • 3

      Trista says

      Yes! GREAT question – I wondered that myself the first time. I envisioned the walls of the washing machine coated with purple glitter, LOL.
      Here’s how I washed mine:
      Inside out – I may have even done it on a more delicate cycle but I can’t remember
      In cold water
      Hang dry
      Looked good as new.
      I’d love to see what you end up glitterizing! Send me some photos!
      Thanks for your comment!

  3. 4

    anna says

    I’m thinking about doing glitter t-shirts for a Breaking Dawn party at my library (I’m a librarian for teens). I’m stuck on how much to buy in terms of supplies. At my Hobby Lobby they have 2 oz. bottles of PLAID glitter adhesive. Any idea how many T’s I might be able to make with that size bottle assuming my stencil is comparable in size to yours?

    • 5

      Trista says

      I have not run out of the 1oz bottle that I have of the Tulip Glitter Bond for all the shirts you see on my site (LSU, Martha x 2, Rays Baseball, etc.) – but I do have a back-up bottle. I’m going to say budget for 4-5 shirts per ounce? Depending on the template of course. Don’t skimp on the glitter bond or you will have the problem I did with my first Martha shirt.. If I were you, I’d say 8 shirts per 2oz bottle that you saw at HL. Be sure to follow the directions ahead of time (prewash, no fabric softener). And I’d LOVE to see your shirts when they are done! Please send me a photo :)

      • 6

        anna says

        Thanks so much for your help! When I saw this idea online, I simply couldn’t resist it with the whole glitter theme of Twilight! I’ll definitely let you know how they turn out!

    • 8

      Trista says

      Mine hasn’t shed. Maybe a few flecks here and there but I’ve washed it several times and worn it and it’s great.

  4. 9

    Melia says

    Wow, did not even know there was a such thing as Fabric glitter glue…. Oh, I am going to have a busy week. Thanks Trista!!

    • 10

      Trista says

      Yep, we will be using it to — ahem — “modify” the VBS shirt the Princess has to wear every day this week.

  5. 11

    Heather says

    My daughter is being a candy corn princess for Halloween this year. I was wondering what the best way to take a plain long sleeve white shirt and orange leggings and turn them sparkly for her would be?

    The tutu, wings, and wand all have glitter, and well she’s four so EVERYTHING has to be sparkly mom…. Geez, you’d think I’d know that by now right?

    • 12

      Trista Perot says

      I simply ADORE that idea! I had a lot of luck making glitter shirts but I think I would get some sparkle fabric or layer ribbon and sew it to a shirt instead. Less work!

  6. 13


    how many times can I reuse the freezer paper with the stencil cut out design? I need to make at least ten shirts. once I iron the freezer paper on a shirt would I be able to use the same stencil freezer paper again?

    • 14

      Trista Perot says

      Hi Roro. You can only use it once. It won’t stick again. But the good news is that a roll of freezer paper should be plenty for 10 shirts!

  7. 15


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    What I do recall, vividly and clearly, is waking up the next morning nude in the bed of his friend’s apartment and seeing Cosby wearing a white terrycloth bathrobe and acting as if there was nothing unusual. It was obvious to me that he had had sex with me. I was horrified, embarrassed and ashamed. There was a mirror above the bed, which shocked me further.” [url=]tory burch outlet online[/url] A small leather bag storing his simple tools cotton, ear pick, and tiny bottles of hydrogen composition and coconut oil is slung across his neck. His red turban, a bit faded, spells out his identity.
    Krier s Cards and Comics is located at 3900 Pelandale Ave. Suite 305 in Modesto. Hours are 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday, and 11 a.m. on 6 p.m. on Sunday. For more information, call 209.522.0511. [url=]louis vuitton outlet online[/url] 01/27/2015 05:53:27 PM PST
    4th Place Blaine Mickey of Ignacio HS [url=]coach outlet online[/url] Vernon
    o This week’s picks: [url=][/url] 3 Don鈥檛 threaten. Threats of harming another person will not be tolerated.
    “We wanted to know that they are taking credit” for maintaining hundreds of miles of paved county roads and are “implying” that they maintain all those roads, Hirsch said in an interview after the meeting. [url=]michael kors outlet[/url] Played for Angelo Ricci s U16 Colorado Thunderbirds and now with the USNDP, doing very well. On track to accelerate and join DU this fall. p [url=]michael kors outlet[/url]
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    d Pipeline operator Summit Midstream Partners LLC and state inspectors will keep testing the soil and water at the Blacktail Creek and larger Little Muddy Creek until after the ice melts this spring, Glatt said. [url=][/url] And while triple zero isn鈥檛 an official UK size, American brands that use the size are sold in this country. n
    His death introduces another layer of uncertainty and potential crisis into a Middle East already reeling from political eruptions that are directly tied to the role of the US-Saudi axis in the region, from the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria to the collapse of the regime that they both backed in Yemen. [url=]coach factory outlet[/url] RIYADH, Saudi Arabia President Barack Obama defended the U.S. government’s willingness to cooperate closely with Saudi Arabia on national security despite deep concerns over human rights abuses, as he led an array of current and former American statesmen in paying respects Tuesday following the death of King Abdullah. Saudi Arabia’s status as one of Washington’s most important Arab allies has at times appeared to trump U.S. concerns about the terrorist funding that flows from the kingdom and about human rights abuses. But Obama said he has found it most effective to apply steady pressure over human rights “even as we are getting business done that needs to get done.” “Sometimes we need to balance our need to speak to them about human rights issues with immediate concerns we have in terms of counterterrorism or dealing with regional stability,” Obama said in a CNN interview that aired in advance of Obama’s arrival. Stepping off the plane in Riyadh, the president and first lady Michelle Obama were greeted by new King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud and a military band playing both countries’ national anthems. Some of the all-male Saudi delegation shook hands with Mrs. Obama while others gave her a nod as they passed by. Mrs. Obama wore full-length clothing but no headscarf, as is typical for many Western women in Saudi Arabia, despite the strict dress code for Saudi women appearing in public. Salman formally greeted the U.S. delegation soon after at the Erga Palace on the outskirts of Riyadh, where dozens of Saudi officials filed through a marble-walled room to greet the Americans under massive crystal chandeliers. After dinner at the palace, Obama was to hold his first formal meeting with Salman before his four-hour trip came to an end. Ahead of his arrival, Obama suggested that he would not be raising U.S. concerns about Saudi Arabia’s flogging of blogger Raif Badawi, who was convicted of insulting Islam and sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes. His first flogging took place in early January in front of dozens of people in the Red Sea city of Jiddah, though a second round has been postponed after a doctor said his wounds from the first lashes had not yet healed. “On this visit, obviously a lot of this is just paying respects to King Abdullah, who in his own fashion presented some modest reform efforts within the kingdom,” Obama said. Obama cut short the final day of his trip to India to make the four-hour stop in Riyadh. Further underscoring the key role Saudi Arabia has long played in U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East was the extensive delegation that joined Obama for the visit. Secretary of State John Kerry was joining Obama in Riyadh, along with former Secretaries of State Condoleezza Rice and James Baker III, both of whom served Republican presidents. Former White House national security advisers Brent Scowcroft, Sandy Berger and Stephen Hadley also made the trip, as did Sen. John McCain, the Arizona republican who is a frequent critic of Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East. Page 2 of 2 – CIA Director John Brennan and Gen. Lloyd Austin, commander of U.S. Central Command, which overseas military activity in the Middle East, were also taking part in Tuesday’s meetings with the Saudis. “It meets the threshold of being bipartisan, high-level and people who worked very closely with Saudi Arabia over many years,” said Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security adviser. Despite vast differences of opinions on many issues, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia have worked in close coordination to address evolving security concerns in the tumultuous region. Most recently, Saudi Arabia became one of a handful of Arab nations that have joined the U.S. in launching airstrikes against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria. In his initial days on the throne, the 79-year-old Salman has given little indication that he plans to bring fundamental changes to his country’s policies. In a nationally televised address shortly after his half brother’s death, Salman vowed to hew to “the correct policies which Saudi Arabia has followed since its establishment.” Obama acknowledged that the U.S. willingness to pursue close ties with Saudi Arabia despite human rights abuses often makes America’s allies uncomfortable. “The trend-line is one that I will sustain throughout the rest of my presidency,” Obama said, “and that is to make the case to our friends and allies that if they want a society that is able to sustain itself in this day and age, then they’re going to have to change how they do business.” Obama’s presidency has also been marked by occasional strains with the Saudi royal family. Abdullah, the 90-year-old monarch who died Friday, had pressed the U.S. to take more aggressive action to force Syrian President Bashar Assad from power. The royal family is also deeply skeptical of Obama’s diplomacy with rival Iran. Salman is a veteran of the country’s top leadership and well-versed in diplomacy from nearly 50 years as the governor of the capital Riyadh. He is known as a mediator of disputes within the sprawling royal family who increasingly took on the duties of the king as the ailing Abdullah became more incapacitated. Several regional leaders traveled to Saudi Arabia to attend Abdullah’s Muslim-only funeral Friday. Since then, a string of Western leaders and top dignitaries have announced plans to travel to the kingdom to pay their respects and meet the newly enthroned king. [url=]ralph lauren outlet[/url]
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    These two indie-rock bands, both fond of guitars, guitar pedals and guitars run through many guitar pedals, made a natural double bill in October for the release of the Magpies’ excellent new album, “Tornado.” The Real Lounge, a bar and concert space in the basement of the Elks Club, is outfitted with a sound system designed with electronic music in mind, but provided a balance of volume and clarity perfect for these two bands. [url=]coach outlet online[/url] 2 cups baby heirloom tomatoes, halved w 锘縖url=]coach outlet online[/url]
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