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Ornaments made out of Peppermints

Posted in - Christmas & Got Art? & Tutorials on December 14th 2011 1 Comments peppermint candy christmas ornaments

This peppermint candy ornament has been endorsed by the Princess Cupcake.

They are shamelessly easy –

Here’s what you need:

A bag of peppermints – unwrapped
Cooking spray
Parchment paper
Cookie sheet
Paper towel

Here’s what you do:

Preheat oven to 300 degrees.

Tear some parchment paper off and cover your cookie sheet.

Spray your cooking spray over …

Santa Hat Reindeer Food

Posted in - Christmas & Tutorials on December 13th 2011 0 Comments DSC_0151

Sunday will forever be known as Santa hat day. “Santa hat reindeer food day” to be exact.

The Princess Cupcake is all about melting chocolate, dipping things into chocolate, dipping chocolate into sprinkles, eating things dipped in chocolate, stirring things in chocolate… so I knew I had a winning project …

Thanksgiving treat: pilgrim hat cookies

Posted in - Pops & Thanksgiving & Tutorials on November 18th 2011 1 Comments pilgrim hat cookies

We had snack at school this week.

It’s supposed to be healthy.

Are marshmallows healthy?

Mmmm, maybe if they’re not dunked in chocolate first.


It’s the last two days of school before Thanksgiving break – so I took the liberty of asking the Princess Cupcake if she’d like to make pilgrim hats for snack. I didn’t REALLY have to …