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2017 out with a bang!

So, probably wondering, what’s up with the blog there, Trista? It's been a while since we've heard from you. I’m still here. The end of the year kinda went off the rails a teensy bit and blogging took a backseat. Apologies. 2017…


50th Birthday Party Planning

Post sponsored by Jason’s Deli. All opinions are my own. I keep having this conversation with other married friends, about how the universe matches us with someone who can be so opposite to us in so many ways. I love my husband but we are very different in many aspects. I like to be early for things, he is perpetually late. I like to plan and…


How to choose lighting for your home

There’s something about a dazzling crystal chandelier that makes my heart flutter. I get all gah-gah when I see the sparkly rainbow that it throws against the wall. Add something unexpected like wrought iron or a splash of color and I’m a goner, totally mesmerized. I could easily spend a few hours in a lighting store and enjoy it way more than a…

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Welcome to my Dallas Lifestyle blog where we’re talking about things that busy moms make, things they shop for that won’t break the bank, things moms like to eat in their stretchy pants and things they like to do around DFW and beyond! I’m always going to be a Mommy and I’m always looking for the upgrade so follow along on social media or by subscribing to get Mommy Upgrade via email below. PS – As you can imagine, a site like this takes a lot of resources to maintain. One way we can support its maintenance is through affiliate links. While these links to online merchants do not effect the price you pay when you check out, they may offer a small commission to We appreciate your support by shopping through our affiliate sites!


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Fur Family

Thanksgiving Traditions

This post is sponsored by Just Right Pets by Purina. The beast and I are brand insiders, however all opinions are my own. We’re off on our Thanksgiving adventure and the little one is abuzz with the anticipation of turkey and rolls, and…

WHY does my dog DO that?!

This post is sponsored by Just Right by Purina. We have a puppy. It's been a LONG time since we've had a puppy. Our almost 10 year old puggies are NOT happy about the puppy. They'd like him to go away. And if I'm being honest, there…

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