Boi Na Braza Brazilian Steakhouse Opens at the Toyota Music Factory

An exquisite dining experience


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My best girl and I recently enjoyed the opening of the new Boi Na Braza Brazilian Churrascaria Steakhouse. Trust me, this is no ordinary steakhouse!

This 7,500-square-foot restaurant, located at 310 W. Las Colinas Blvd., is part of the new Toyota Music Factory in Irving, Texas. Boi Na Braza offers two large private rooms, a floor to ceiling wine cellar and a view to watch the Gaúchos’ work. Their exquisite dining experience includes fire-roasted meats, a fresh ingredients salad bar, scrumptious desserts, an extensive wine list, a vibrant bar, and exceptional service.

The tradition of Brazilian churrascos (meaning: barbeque) dates back to the 1800s when early Brazilian settlers, known as Gaúchos, began raising and herding imported cattle. To create their robust barbequed meats, the Gaúchos would dig pits in the ground and begin a fire. Once the wood turned to embers, the Gaúchos would skewer meats and vegetables and cook them over the open flame. The Gaúchos would then slice the tender pieces of meat using traditional knives worn on their vests. They would then continuously serve their guests rodízio style (meaning: all around).

In 1990, Gauchos were trained near Sao Paulo and recruited to share their tradition in the United States. The first Boi Na Braza (meaning: steer over the embers) opened its doors in Dallas in 2000 but this is its first for Irving.

True to form, it has the classic green and red disks to flip to tell the gauchos when to bring on the meat! (Or when you need to rest your meat sweats for a bit.) I love interactive eating, lol.

Anyway, check it out, it’s fun for the whole family. While we think we are pro’s at the whole Brazilian steakhouse experience, there were a few twists. For starters, the gaucho convinced her to try a new beverage.

(She liked it.)

My girl is a bit of a steak snob so she’s our litmus test for steakhouses.

100% passes the test.

AND according to Cupcake, Boi Na Braza’s Petite Gateau, molten chocolate lava cake dessert, ranks a ten out of ten!

She green lights this eatery so we’ll definitely be back. Thanks, Boi Na Braza!

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We received a complimentary meal to review, however all opinions are my own.

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