Bringing Sustainability Home


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As a mom who advocates for eco-friendly toys and cherishing our environment, I like to put a spotlight on companies who are making a difference in our world – and make beautiful products. If you haven’t heard of Arhaus, (insert dreamy sigh) you must check them out! Their home furnishings are stunning. Your breath will catch when you walk into their showroom, and knowing how committed they are to our environment will catch your heart as well. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with this innovative company and was able to add to the conversation about sustainable products.

Arhaus develops unique, yet functional furniture pieces from recycled natural resources. For example, they recycle copper into tabletops, and harvest tree roots and transform them into chairs. Their dining room tables are made from recycled wood and their sectional sofas are made of 100 percent organic material. Arhaus is committed to never using wood from our endangered rain forests.

The Arhaus mission is to “advance and inspire the restoration of forests worldwide,” one way that Arhaus does this is by partnering with American Forest to restore our stately forests that have been lost or degraded over the years.

The following YouTube video created by Arhaus and American Forest explains just how important the Arhaus mission is. According to Arhaus, “One tree can change the future because without that tree, the trajectory of that forest and the health of that ecosystem is unknown.” Through their work, Arhaus is setting the forest on a path for success well into the future.

Adding to the conversation about sustainable products is a no-brainer, and I was excited to collaborate with the Arhaus mission to spread the word about sustainability at home. While I may be a small person in this big world, every little bit helps. I hope you’ll join me and Arhaus by sharing this infographic to encourage small changes that everyday people can make in their homes to “go green.”

If you’d like to learn more about Arhaus and how they “preserve and revive rich, beautiful pieces of nature”, check out their blog, or Click here to see how others are using Arhaus in their homes.

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Do your part to protect and preserve the environment by implementing some of these ideas for reusing, recycling, repurposing and upcycling items in your home:


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