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Cowboy Christmas Beef Chili

So my alarm went off on my iPhone today. It had a reminder that I put in my calendar a WHOLE YEAR AGO. It said that this year, the hubs was going to make Christmas dinner and New Year’s Day dinner. I won’t go into details but let’s just say…

Garlic Crusted Petite Roast

I used to think making a roast was hard. Now I realize the only hard part about making a roast is lifting the dang roasting pan and all it’s pieces. Our pan is an All-Clad one that my Mother-In-Law thought no home should be without.…

Beef Nutrition Tips

Nutrition Tips Nutrient-rich foods are a delicious way to maximize your nutrient intake while minimizing excess intake of fat and sugar calories. With tasty options you can fill your nutrient gaps and get the nutrition power your family…

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