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2018 DFW Labor Day Roundup

Grab the family and head out for a weekend of Labor Day activities! AdvoCare's Champion’s Festival WHAT: The must-attend Labor Day weekend event will include a Champions Challenge 5K, a full lineup of artists, food and drinks from local…

2018 Summer Camp Round Up for DFW

  The cool thing about summer camps is that kids get to experience a sense of community, learn how to work well with one another, manage conflict, and build relationships with other campmates and adult mentors. And they get to have a blast…

Daddy-daughter day for tweens and teens

Growing up with a scientist for a Dad was a little different than the norm. For example, when he would ask for a piece of hard candy in a wrapper (you know, like a Werthers), he’d say, “Could you hand me a piece of that ellipsoidal shaped…

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