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Leather Earrings Giveaway

Y'all. I know these leather earrings are so on trend right now so let me introduce you to my friend Paula's talents in that regard. She started this side-hustle about a year ago and her earrings are just getting more and more gorgeous.…

BLOOM by Alli K Designs

This post is in collaboration with Alli K Design. I was provided a review copy of her newest book. All opinions are my own. I met Alli at my favorite boutique. She was just a student back then, but it was clear that she had a…

Orangutwang Review

We LOVED this game! If you're looking for a fun, quick family game, this is it! I can completely relate to this cute monkey. How much can I carry for every person and pet in this family before I lose my %^&*? Ha ha.…

Ollyball Toy Review

I love a great inventor story, and this one tops the list! Watch how Ollyball went from a problem so many families have, to being the 2019 Toy of the Year! AND ENTER TO WIN ONE OF SIX OLLYBALLS!

Blessings Week!

Why do you love November? I love November because I get to see my family and celebrate Thanksgiving. I also love to focus on our many, many blessings each day of the month. And eat pie. Lots of pie. But what I love even more than pie…

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