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Grand Opening of Kim Hoegger Home

So I have to tell you about the party I went to last night. It was my first visit to Kim Hoegger Home (it's a store) located at 2933 Henderson in Dallas. And won't be my last. In fact, I've already been back. Despite how much I hate…

2015 GMC SUV’s World Debut

I think I died and went to SUV heaven. Like a reunited boy band, the new 2015 GMC and Chevy SUV’s rolled into Dallas for their swanky world debut together (they’d appeared separately in LA and New York earlier that day). And…

Redbox Rental Review

Am I the last person in the world to try Redbox? I mean, I know I’m lazy and all. Having to actually STOP at the kiosk in the Kreepy Krogers seems like such an inconvenience when I can point a remote at the TV and press “RENT”

The pelican is out, Loudmouth is in

Most people don’t know, but back in the dark ages, my major in college was photography. It was before green screens and photoshop and digital cameras. We kicked it old school in the darkroom, with the smelly chemicals and the red lights and…

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