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I can draw!

Ask my art teachers, I have never been able to draw anything. Even my stick figures are devoid of talent. I like to doodle in my notes when the presentations are boring, but even my doodles are embarrassingly primitive so I won't indulge in…

Review: This Life I Live by Rory Feek

Seeing the news of Rory Feek’s grammy win this morning brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my heart. Sunday for Hymns That Are Important To Us was the last project of Joey + Rory, and the most meaningful.If you don’t know, Rory…

Is your home guest-ready?

Okay, I'll admit. I'm one of those who has a house that is a constant flurry of projects and activity. I love it when friends pop in, but let's face it. I wish they'd only do it on the days the maids come. If I know they are coming, I'd…

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