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One of my New Year’s “resolutions” was to spend more time being creative. Crafting. Making stuff with my hands. Because that’s my happy place. I got the crazy idea to ask 7 of my most inspiring crafty friends if they’d like to join me in this commitment to craft — and miraculously they said, “yes.”

Here’s how I designed it. We each came up with a project — but it was a secret. No one knew what the other members of the craft exchange were making  — in theory only, I think a couple slipped out but overall it was on the down low. We made 8 of our project which includes one for ourselves of course! We picked a date to exchange our handmade gifts and mailed off two to our out of town exchange members.

There were no restrictions on what you could make, no required materials, I just asked that they pick something that they like to make or something they’ve been wanting to make. This wasn’t an art competition – it was purely for the intent of having fun and sharing challenges, mistakes and awesome handmade gifts.

Then we got together on Wednesday night — all of us (except Brandi 🙁 ). 7 women, one man, with two of us out of town. Molly and Sarah live in Ohio, but in different cities so we got a Google hangout going, grabbed some wine, some yummy nibbles and chatted craft.

craft exchange google hangout

It was so much fun – like Christmas. But without the fighting relatives.

craft exchange discussion

I was worried that we’d have all of one type of craft, but that’s what makes friendships so fun. The gifts, like everyone in the group, were so unique.

Take a look at these amazing talents!

Hand-carved spoons by Scott (Bianca jaw dropped and stayed that way for a full 3 minutes when she saw these). The hubs keeps trying to steal mine for his mom. Seriously. That’s wrong on so many levels.

handmade wooden spoons

Adorable owl heating pad (filled with rice) from absent Brandi but presented by Sabrina. You might know Brandi as Not So Average Mama or from our priceless photos by Loudmouth Photography. Princess Cupcake stole this package of cuteness upon discovery.

owl heating pad

homemade heating pad

Ultra hip fabric coasters from Sevi. Check out her blog Vodka Makes You Happy. I so dig these!

handmade fabric coasters

Since we’re on the drinking theme, a couple more….

Cork trivets from Sarah – no, she didn’t drink all that wine but many were from her personal stash. I am currently obsessed with wine cork projects so this was a winner!

cork trivet

And to get us all ready to make our own wine cork trivets, Bianca made these glitter wine glasses. As Sevi said, “Glitter is my favorite color.” Love that. And these. Because wine is my favorite dinner. Just kidding. Okay, maybe not.

glittered wine glasses

And if you need a bigger cup, these custom acrylic cups from Sabrina fit the bill. She customized each with our hobby or special interest on them. So fun. And finally I have incentive to drink my 8 glasses of water a day. Believe it or not, I’ve had 4 while writing this!


lsu custom cup

homemade marshmallows

And Sabrina’s homemade chocolate marshmallows were gone in a nanosecond. Yum. I didn’t even show these to the hubs. If he wanted the spoons, imagine what he’d have done to these.

Molly made these gorgeous books by hand with velvet embossed covers – we each got a custom design. And I have no idea how she bound it. Crazy cool.

handbound book


And here are some photos of my project: business card holders. I am making some more this weekend since I got 6 orders from people just seeing them on Facebook, lol, watch out Etsy here I come! There are a couple more photos at the end of this too.

business card holders

And here’s the man-version for Scott – it has a buffalo coin button

mens business card holder

Receiving a handmade gift from a friend is the most meaningful to me, and having all my crafty peeps together and opening presents was almost too much for me to handle. Here’s all of them together before I put my treasures away.

craft exchange

I cannot wait for our next exchange! Our mail date is June 15th… stay tuned!

Here’s our crafty club – photo taken by Princess Cupcake herself.

craft exchange members

And a couple more taken by me

bianca and sevi sabrina perrenoud scott perry

And lastly, a couple more photos of my handmade business card holders. I wish I had gotten photos of each collection. Next time…

handmade floral business card holder handmade business card holder damask fabric business card holder flower fabric business card holder grey fabric business card holder

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  1. Sevi says

    Princess Cupcake did such a good job on our group shot! Thank you so much for inviting me into the group and I cannot wait until the next exchange!

    1. Trista says

      I was so fun! I can’t wait either!

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