DIY Custom Print Mugs


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Today I’m featuring another talented maker from our November Craft Exchange. Ellen Rogoz made these fantastic geo-design mugs that are festive and perfect for a happy cup of cocoa, coffee, or soup anytime. I love the technique, how easy it is, and really pretty inexpensive. This would be a great project for even little ones to help out with. She expertly incorporated the challenge materials of Martha Stewart Tinted Decoupage, Fringe Scissors, and Flocking Powder.


In Ellen’s words, here’s how she made these gorgeous mugs!

Why did you choose this as your project? Easy to paint, affordable, and a good model for any ceramics. Also, winter = cold = warm drinks, please!

What materials did you use? Fringe Scissors (to make confetti), decoupage (for confetti and glitter), MSCrafts Paint, and stenciling tape

Where did you get your materials? My office! Mugs are from Bed Bath & Beyond

Cost of materials: $3.99/mug

How did you make these DIY custum design mugs? 

Materials: Mug, fringe scissors, tissue paper. Paint, glitter, decoupagemugs group
Step 1: Cut tissue paper with fringe scissors to make confetti.mugs1
Step 2: After taping off random geometric sections of the mug (and keeping the lip clear!) paint the sections in alternating colors.mugs2
Step 3: In a few sections, paint on decoupage.mugs3
Step 4: In the decoupaged areas, add glitter or your new fringe confetti then seal with a few more layers of decoupage.mugs5
Step 6: with a craft knife, gently go along the edges of the tape and then peel off the tape!mugs6
Step 7: Let cure for 28 days and then enjoy! Will be top drawer dishwasher safe, but I would recommend hand washing just in case!mugs

How long did it take per item? 10 minutes, not including drying time

What was the hardest part about making this? Nothing! So easy!

What was the funnest part about making this? Picking a color palette.

Do you like it? Yes!

If you made it again, what would you change? I would allow more time for drying, and probably add a ew more coats of decoupage on top of the confetti and the glitter.

Would you make it again and why? I think I would! Probably not on mugs – I have plenty, but it would be cool to apply the process to a canvas for some wall art.

Just love these! Cheers!

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