Easy broomstick party favors


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Ready for a super easy broomstick craft?

How cute are these?!

Broomstick Pencils

I made these as a party favor for the Cupcake’s recent Harry Potter party but they would work for a Halloween party, Wicked, or even a fall festival!

Super simple to make, you might even have everything you need already:

  • Rope
  • Raffia
  • Pencils (I found these black Ticonderoga pencils at Office Max.)
  • Hot glue

Start by warming up your hot glue gun. While it’s heating, cut strips of raffia about 3 inches in length.

raffia for making broomstick pencils

Squeeze hot glue onto the pencil on the wood and metal part below the eraser.

Glue on the raffia on this spot so that the longer part extends past the eraser. Do this all the way around the pencil.

applying straw to a pencil

Finish it off by wrapping the rope around the pencil a few times where the metal part is, and secure it with hot glue.

broomstick pencils on table

It’s no Nimbus 2000, but it’ll do!

broomstick pencils

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