Elf on a Shelf Stamping Project


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Elf on a Shelf StampHave Elf, will travel, Part 2

When we all went to visit the in-laws, Chintz, our Elf on a Shelf, hit the road. The Princess was really amazed yesterday when she woke to find that he was able to find her all the way in Louisiana, which is “really far, far, away”. You can bet that the first thing she did this  morning was to go looking for him to see what he had gotten up to in the night.

It seems Chintz had packed light for the trip because he did not need any extra props to get up to his elven antics.  He just repurposed some of the sticky notes from the night before for his Elf on a Shelf Stamping Project.

But then he got a wee bit carried away with his stamping project.  Seems he couldn’t help himself but to stamp on the Cupcake’s face and arms while she was sleeping. He had even stamped on Mommy and Daddy hands and face. (I can’t believe Daddy stayed still long enough to get stamped by the elf!)

Chintz had brought washable ink with him – seeing as how we were guests, he didn’t want to get ink on any of the sheets. And it turns out that washable ink is quite magical, it’s just like disappearing ink. When we woke the next morning, only mere traces lingered on our skin. Just like magic. Gone.

BUT, that crazy Chintz had stolen Mommy’s iphone and taken photos. Mommy found them that morning.

“Chintz is SO FUNNY!”

I’m not sure which she thought was funnier, him stamping on paper or on her face. Either way, we all had a great Elf on a Shelf laugh.

See the rest of our Elf on a Shelf mischief.

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