Free coffee for a year?!


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They have no idea what that would mean in our house.

Community Coffee is offering free coffee for a year in their #ShowYourMug contest.

community coffee gift basket

Which for the Perot household — would be a) awesome, b) enough cost savings to add a vacation to our summer, c) like having an old friend come to live with us.

I mean seriously, this needlepoint is on our wall next to our coffee station. I question if there’s a bigger fan.

community coffee new orleans blend needlepoint

I did a Facebook live stream today for Community Coffee to help promote this contest they’re running, but when they asked me to help, I think they had no idea what a super user our household is.

trista perot live stream

See… we are Louisiana people. My husband’s family are ALL there. He spent most of his younger years in Louisiana. We both went to LSU for grad school, and my step-mom is grew up in New Orleans and went to Tulane (aka Newcomb), and she and my Dad taught at LSU for a lot of years. (Don’t ask me to do that math.) So, we’re legit. And anyone who has lived in Louisiana for any amount of time, comes to fall in love with the state coffee: Community Coffee.

The iconic red bags are in every office, every home, every hotel, every church. It’s just what they drink.

And for the longest time, you could ONLY get it in Louisiana. Community Coffee is family owned and operated in Louisiana since 1919, so their exporting to neighboring states is a more recent blessing to us transplants.

My dad would send the red bags of coffee with chicory to his friends and family all over the country every year at Christmas. It was his thing.

And to build on his tradition, I like to offer Community Coffee in my breakfast gift basket for neighbors and friends. (Especially the Southern Bread Pudding and Pecan Praline!)

Want to learn how to make it? A replay of the live stream is below. (Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos.) Here’s a link to the recipe.  And you can learn details of the contest here. 

Community Coffee compensated me to provide information about their contest to you. Recipe is my own for you to enjoy. All opinions are my own. 

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