Harry Potter Party Invitations


HARRY POTTER invitations

The Cupcake’s Harry Potter party was off to a flying start with these Owl Post invitations! I’d like to take credit for the genius that they are, but I only built upon what I could find on our beloved inter webs. There’s so much available, you’ll easily be able to put you own invitations together, or follow my lead. I have links and examples for our invitations below.

harry potter party invitations

I started by taking parts of a few awesome letters that I found online, modifying them with our party details. Here is our version.

Invitation letter for web

Then I found a fun “aged” looking paper with a Hogwarts crest on it. I printed it on parchment colored paper, and then printed my Hogwarts orientation letter on top of it and trimmed the edges. I wish I could give credit to the person who originally posted it because it worked out so perfectly, but I can’t find what website it was from! I used a Mac font that I had, and mixed it with the free Harry P font from DaFont. (Download it here.)

parchment style harry potter invitation

The letter got folded and put into a parchment colored envelope with a photo of our own Hermione.

heroine look alike

I found the envelopes at the craft store in the Tim Holtz product section or you can order similar here. I used a sepia ink pad and further aged all the edges of the envelope.

hogwarts owl post party invitations

I couldn’t figure out how to print the owl post info onto the envelope, so I just printed it out, cut it to size, and glued it to the front of our parchment envelopes. It looked great.

owl post envelopes

While I love the look of the wax seal on the back, I didn’t know where to begin to find a stamp and wax and honestly, I wasn’t up for the hunt, so I decided to make my own version.

I took a small ball of red FIMO clay (also from craft store) and smashed it flat. Then I used an “H” stamp (from an Alphabet pack of clear stamps from Michaels) to imprint into it. Baked it in the oven per the package directions and let it cool.

faux wax seals

Then we glued it to the back of the envelope over the flap.

harry potter DIY invitations

To make it a little easier for the owls to fly with the invitations, we tied rope around the envelope. There may have been a stray feather or two that got stuck to it as well. It’s rough stuff, that owl post job! For additional authenticity, we crumpled the envelopes before we delivered them. (I had both the rope and feathers, but you an get those from any craft store as well.)

harry potter party invitation owl post

Happy Harry Party!


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