Christmas holiday decorating without the attic hassle


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Don’t hate me because I have a jump on holiday decorating. Yup. I have Christmas tree up already. I couldn’t help myself! The calendar is just a blur and I swore last year I was taking a cue from my mother-in-law and starting to decorate in October.

Well, that didn’t happen either but hello November, I am ready for you!

Getting our first tree up was fantastically easy because I skipped that treacherous dance with the attic stairs – a prerequisite to free our holiday bins from their off-season storage. Instead of taking my life into my own hands, I went to At Home and bought every single blessed thing. Every bit of it, and I didn’t break the bank or an arm either. We came home, unwrapped my goodies and had it up and displayed in less time that it would have required to nag the hubs to haul everything down from the hinterlands for me.

I’m seriously considering doing it for every room in my house. Not kidding at all.

Here’s the thing. At Home has Christmas décor items (from dining to ornaments) in fifteen decorative themes. It’s so incredibly EASY! (You’ll want to pin them all from hereAt Home Christmas Decor)

This all started with the countdown to Gran and Grandpa’s holiday visit. I really wanted to put a tree in our guest room for them. Seeing as how that room has a decidedly British flair, there was obviously a distinct color palate that I wanted to maintain. I knew that At Home has aisles and aisles of color blocked ornaments on display, so finding what would work would be super efficient.

at home store, berry platinum purple ornaments

peacock ornaments from At Home

stacks of ornaments from At Home

white mesh christmas trees from At Home

shopping for christmas stockings at At Home

Although…. I was very tempted at some of these themes they’ve already curated. I was seriously considering chucking the plan and going with this sea side theme.

beach ornaments for Christmas

They go on for days!

At Home Beach Themed ornaments from Trista Perot on Vimeo.

I was dying over every stinkin’ piece of it. (Note to self: See if tree will fit in bathroom.)

And I have always, always, always wanted an all white tree. These woodland animals had me and the cupcake “awing” for a good 5 minutes.

woodland christmas decorations

woodland animals ornaments

all white ornaments at At Home

But back to the mission at hand. I was torn between a blue tree, a red tree, a gold tree, or a white tree. Since At Home as 101 varieties of artificial Christmas Trees, my biggest decision was picking the tree color.

how about a pink christmas tree?

selection of Christmas trees from At Home

Ultimately, I decided to go with white and found a 4 foot tree for only $25!

Now that we had that sorted, I needed the ornaments to be blue or red. We dove into the Peppermint Jazz selection and loaded up the cart.

peppermint jazz ornaments

peppermint jazz ornaments

peppermint jazz decorations from At Home

Everything was so reasonably priced, I said “yes” to nearly everything the Cupcake wanted, including these soccer ornaments that she found in another aisle.

soccer ornaments

Here’s what we chose.

santa belt ornaments

red glitter swirls christmas decorations

Christmas signs from At Home

peppermint jazz snowball ornaments

glitter tree ornaments

snowman snowflake ornaments

With the exception of the signs, nothing was more than $4.99 and most were $1.99 or $2.99 each!

Setting the tree up was done in less than 5 minutes, and only took three steps: open box and pull out tree, put feet on tree, fluff tree. It barely shed at all! The ornaments didn’t take much longer.

I absolutely love how it turned out.

British christmas tree

Christmas tree decorations from At Home for British tree

This was so much fun and so easy, I’m going to have to go back so I can decorate another room with trees! I bet you could find a Tree for Me too.

At Home truly has an unmatched assortment of indoor and outdoor décor items for Christmas – and more. Seriously, the people behind me in line were buying mattresses. We didn’t even get deep enough into the store to see that they had mattresses! Although we did spend a long time in the patio furniture cushions – seeing as how our pool was just finished in October, that’s another area sorely in need of some decorating TLC.

Have you started Holiday decorating yet? Which At Home Christmas decorative theme would you choose? Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. Nan Walvoord says

    Holy moly!! Amazing, never heart of that store. What an amazing assortment of ornaments. Your tree is adorable.

    Loved seeing the Nutcracker. Princess Cupcake was precious….as always. Thanks for the invite. I have really unofficially adopted your family.

    1. Trista Perot says

      It’s so great, I went back on Sunday to get a couple more trees for different rooms!

      If you haven’t guessed, we’ve unofficially adopted you as well!


  2. dEBBIE says

    Love! so is this the replacement to Garden Ridge? I’ll have to visit this wonderland!

    1. Trista Perot says

      YES! They basically rebranded. It had been so long since I had been there, but I’ve made up for lost time.

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