How to eat when school’s in session

School weeks are stressed enough, here's your food survival guide!


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We are officially one month into school and I’m kinda sorta balancing the homework parent, sports parent, working parent balance decently. What I’m not doing so well is the feeding the family parent part of my super mom role. ¬†If it were up to me, I’d just grab and go power bars and call it a day, but these people I live with actually want food — the nerve ūüėČ — so I have to make an effort to provide them with sustenance. And because I do love them with my whole heart, even in those moments when I find the smelliest, slimiest shin guards in the worst places, I want them to eat healthy 24-7, whether we are on the move, or especially on the rare occasion that we are sitting down at the table together. So I’ve teamed up with this month to show you what I call their¬†School Survival Food Boxx. (There are discounts below and an annual membership to the biggest sanity saver¬†at the end.)

Let’s start with the “on the go” foods because that’s where I spend all my afternoons and evenings — ON THE GO. Convenience is a must, so let’s talk small packaged snacks. I do really love these bars and granola minis from Makegood Foods, because, well, I’ve already confessed my love for meals shaped into hand-held bars, but taste is essential.

Madegood Foods¬†makes tasty, healthy snacks that are school-safe, gluten-free, rich in nutrients, organic and are minimally processed. They manufacture their products in a nut-free facility and their products are free from the 8 most common allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, dairy, egg, soy, sesame, fish, and shellfish). They are also organic snacks and contain nutrients equivalent to a serving of vegetables, but don’t tell the kids that, or your husband – because the fun packaging will make them want to eat them, and the taste will have them reach for another.

Madegood Foods currently sells 25 organic products including variously flavored granola (I like the strawberry granola minis), granola bars, granola mini pillows, crispy squares, and mini cookies. Their products can be purchased online at Amazon, Walmart, and Lucky Vitamin. They can currently be purchased in 62 stores (Click Here for the full list) and for the ultimate “on the go food,” they can also be purchased onboard¬† Delta, JetBlue, and American Airlines flights. Follow them on Instagram @madegoodfoods and Twitter @madeegoodfoods, and Facebook¬†@madegoodfoods.¬†Find more information about MadeGood here.

If you’ve followed me on social, you’ll notice that the Cupcake recently had her braces removed so we’ve been consuming ALL the popcorn, and I do mean ALL the popcorn! Thankfully, she likes the healthier versions a lot, so when the Wise White Cheddar popcorn arrived, her eyes lit up and her mouth opened wide. When I finally got her to share, I can honestly say this is the best-bagged cheddar popcorn we’ve had!

It’s DELICIOUS. She was pouring it straight up into her mouth. The skinny on this is,¬†Wise Popcorn¬†comes in five varieties including White Cheddar, Butter, Hot Cheese (I HAVE to¬†try this one!), 30% Reduced Fat Sea Salt, and 40% Reduced Fat White Cheddar. With the exception of their Butter and Hot Cheese popcorns, each is gluten-free, whole grain, have no artificial preservatives and no MSG (the Butter Popcorn has artificial preservatives and the Hot Cheese Popcorn has MSG). They also offer a 12 CT popcorn variety pack. Wise Popcorn has been recognized by the Women‚Äôs Choice Award meaning that 9 out of 10 female consumers recommend it, but in our house,¬†three out of three Perot girls recommend it. You can purchase Wise Popcorn at and Follow them on Instagram¬†@wisepopcorn¬†or Twitter @wise_popcorn or Facebook @wisepopcorn.

So those are the “on the go” foodies. Let’s talk about the sit-down foodies. I’m totally in loooooovvvvee with beef. Specifically now, EatPre.¬†EatPre¬†meats are 100% grass fed steaks and ground beef which are sourced from Australia and New Zealand. The cows are raised in nutrient-rich pastures year round and humanely treated with love. They’re not given added hormones or antibiotics. The meat is uniquely packaged in a transparent, vacuum sealed manner that keeps the oxygen OUT so your beef stays fresher longer.

We grilled the New York Strip Steak and the Top Sirloin Steak. They were so big, that the hubs split them in two. Now, mind you, this was a sample box so I didn’t have the opportunity to choose which steaks we wanted to try and I’m a little bit of a steak snob. When I say a little bit, I only eat filet — ¬†but open mind, I tried these and I LOVED THEM! So, that’s a pretty big testament from me because real life: when the hubs tries to sneak in anything but a filet, I’m feeding it to the beast under the table. This time, the beast went hungry. Sorry beast.

We also made pasta with sauce with the Eat Pre-ground beef. Look how pink it was!

It turned out REALLY good.

EatPre’s grass-fed beef is available as chuck roast, 82%, 85%, 90%, 95% lean ground beef, as well as New York Strip, Filet Mignon, Ribeye, and Top Sirloin steaks, and seasonal meats. They have online meat delivery, or EatPre is available at more than 650 retail outlets across 25 states. EatPre is also available on Amazon, AmazonFresh, Jet, Peadpod, IBotta, Instacart and through

****Order at and USE THIS Unique MommyUpgrade discount code to receive 10% off your order now through OCTOBER: MOMMYUPGRADE. Additionally, EatPre has rolled out a  discount for Back To School. Use code BTS40 for 40% off 85 and 80 lean ground beef. Code expires 9/21.***

Learn more and follow EatPre at Instagram @eatpre_, Twitter @eatpre_ Facebook @eatpre and Pinterest @eatpre.You might also want to pin their helpful Guide to Navigating the Meat Label.

While my kid would JUST eat meat and be done, we adults like to also have a complimentary side and that’s where the¬†Lundberg Family Farms White Rice and Quinoa Entr√©es come in. Made from American-grown quinoa and rice, these mixes from the nearly 80-year-old family-owned and operated company are super convenient to prepare — literally dump into a pot with water, bring to a boil and then simmer for 20 minutes or less. They taste wonderful, and they are also vegan, USDA Organic, gluten-free and non-GMO, so add these to your list of “safe” things to bring to your next potluck. I made the rosemary and olive oil quinoa with some leftover sausages which made for a delicious lunch.

I felt like I made something so fancy for myself that I was meal cheating on the family. Is that bad that I hoarded this one for myself? No, it’s not. The rice pilaf was just as easy to make for the family and tasty too. The Lundberg Family Farms has been farming rice and producing rice products at their farms in the Sacramento Valley since 1937, which makes them a national leader in organic rice, rice products, and US-grown quinoa. Stockpile these for your shelf. (Store locator.) You can follow the Lundberg company on Facebook¬†@lundbergfamilyfarms,¬†or on Twitter @lundgergfarms, Instagram @lundbergfarms, and Pinterest @lundbergfarms.

Okay, so the biggest sanity saver of all of them? SHIPT. This is life-changing. (Insert the sounds of harps.) I know, you’ve heard me say grocery delivery was life changing but this is level-up stuff. If you haven’t used it yet, you need to. I’ve used a lot of grocery delivery, but I hadn’t tried SHIPT yet until now, and I’m forever changed.

SHIPT offers SAME DAY grocery delivery via H-E-B, Meijer, King Soopers, Safeway, Target and Western Market. So that’s huge, because usually when you’re scheduling groceries, you have to plan a day ahead, which I know, first world problems, but I’m not always on the ball with it. Same day is a total game changer, but you can EVEN schedule a delivery in as soon as one hour. WHAT?! Hold my coffee.


SHIPT’s shopping sites are super easy to use on both their mobile app and their desktop. You have the ability to note preferences, choose your delivery window, and pay, all in the app. You can even connect with your personal shopper via text to make adjustments to your grocery list WHILE THEY ARE SHOPPING. They‚Äôll even unpack your order and place your groceries in your cabinets or fridge.

I mean, this ends the wackadoodle substitutions or omissions from my other deliveries, you know, the ones that make you go to the store anyway to get the stuff they didn’t bring?

GAME CHANGER. I’m completely, totally, 100% sold on SHIPT. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! Think about how you can use this! For yourself when you can’t get out or you are too busy, or frankly, you just don’t like going to the store. For a friend or loved one who broke their leg, or maybe you have an elderly parent in another town that needs groceries? What I love is that it includes Target which has basically everything under the sun so you can get nearly anything delivered.

SHIPT is an annual membership-based service that grants access to free, unlimited delivery on orders of more than $35 but if you use the link to my code to sign up, you get the $49 annual membership. Here it is again! SHIPT

I can see why almost half a million people like their Facebook page: @Shipt  You can also follow them on Pinterest @SHIPT or Twitter @SHIPT or Instagram @SHIPTGroceries.

I’m so happy to have been able to partner with BabbleBoxx to share this School’s in Session Survival Kit. I know you have a friend who needs those discounts, so share the love people! Share the love! ¬†Give them that code for a SHIPT membership and discounted EatPre!¬†#lunchboxx2018


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