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Moms do a lot of things they don’t REALLY want to do. For example, I don’t REALLY like to fold and hang up all the laundry that child can produce. I don’t like to spend nine hours of every week driving to/from/waiting during ballet lessons. I’d rather do anything than have my tires checked and/patched. And I can tell you that I honestly despise driving back to Grapevine (after having just gotten home from Grapevine) so we can be totally SURE we didn’t leave the miraculously disappearing doll’s backpack in the parking lot after Pug-O-Ween. No, none of these things give me joy, and yet, I dutifully do them without complaint.

Well – without significant complaint.

Okay, I may have complained quite a bit during the 2nd drive to Grapevine but we all have our moments.

The point being, moms do a lot of stuff that just has to be done to keep our little worlds’ spinning on the right axis, and all the things they do don’t all fall into the “fun” category.

Who would do all this STUFF if we weren’t around? Would your husband take 9 hours out of his week to faithfully drive and wait at ballet? I doubt it – that’s two rounds of golf he’d miss out on. And I can tell you emphatically that he would not drive back to Grapevine no matter how many buckets of tears flowed. Would you keep driving if you saw a low-air tire light on your dashboard? No, you’d probably swing into the closest NTB and wait in misery while they try and sell you 5 new tires because the mom taxi must roll if we’re going to make it to Nutcracker rehearsal.

So they need us and that means that some things we choose to do are less fun than others. They need us to keep things washing, working, driving. If we recognize the importance of that, then why is getting regular mammography screenings so low on our list of things-to-do, if it even appears on the list at all? Truth is, most women, 7 out of 8 in fact, will not get breast cancer… but how will you know if you’re in that lucky 87% if you don’t get screened? Stop fretting about the awkwardness or inconvenience. Isn’t it a little ridiculous that you’ll take an afternoon to get an oil change, but you won’t take an hour to do a personal tune up and get your ta-tas checked out?

SolisThinkPINK7FINALOctober is national breast health month and Solis Mammography wants you to remember their PINK acronym the next time you’re blasted with all those PINK ribbons.

  • P=Peace of Mind. Solis Mammography has trademarked the Peace of Mind Mammogram™ to reflect their promise of offering such an exceptional experience that women won’t avoid getting the mammogram they need. The environment of each center and exceptional quality of patient care offered by specialists in breast imaging leads to peace of mind for the patients they serve.
  • I=Incredible Service. Solis Mammography’s entire team is deeply committed to the women and physicians they serve. From online scheduling and fast results delivered by secure email within 24 to 48 hours, the company is proud to cite that 98 percent of their patients would give them a positive recommendation to family or friends.
  • N=Not what you Expect. While many women associate mammograms with pain, Solis’ breast dedicated technologists are highly trained in breast compression and placement. This results in 89 percent of their patients reporting little to no discomfort during their exam.
  • K=Knowledge is Power. Perhaps most central to the Rethink P.I.N.K. campaign is the common statistic most women cite – that 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime. Solis encourages women to remember that this also means 7 in 8 women will NOT get breast cancer.

October is Breast Health Month

The whole month of October is dedicated to raising awareness about breast health, (it’s hard to miss, yes?) and October 16th is actually National Mammography Day. If you’re 40 and over, the American Cancer Society recommends that you should have a mammogram every year and should continue to do so for as long as you are in good health. (Other organizations cite every other year as the optimal time to get checked.) Solis Mammography encourages women to talk to their doctor, explain their unique health history, and make the choice that’s right for them.

If you’re lucky enough to NOT be 40 yet, please take this month to have a girl day with your older female friends or family and include a trip to the mammogram center. It’s truly one of the best ways to take the fear out of breast cancer – being proactive and aware.

Maybe you’re not be able to have your actual mammogram on National Mammography Day, but let’s make an effort to get it scheduled, ‘k girls? Many of the Solis centers are offering extended weekday and Saturday hours during the month of October. There are 18 centers across DFW and 31 centers across four states (Texas, Arizona, Ohio and North Carolina).

I can speak to this whole topic pretty well as I’ve had more mammograms than I can remember and many of them at Solis. They’re efficient, send you your results quickly, and even if they’re curious about something on your scan, they take a second look right then rather than sending you home for a stressful next visit. And that’s what you want, immediate feedback so you can check mammo of your mamma list and move on down the road to ballet. Trust me when I tell you that getting a mammo is less frustrating and faster than getting a tire fixed — and that’s the pink honest truth.solislogoFNL


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  1. Nan Walvoord says

    Thanks Trista for this reminder. I am a happy survivor of breast cancer due to early detection.

    1. Trista Perot says

      And I for one am SOOOOOO happy that you are!

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