The love-hate relationship with my Elf


I feel your stress. I do. It’s nearly 10 p.m. and I have yet to move the Elf on the Shelf. There are small pets that require less commitment than an Elf.

I have a list of ideas, of course I do. I wrote a book on Elfing, but mustering the energy to execute is a whole other battle as once I’ve been horizontal to “read” with the munchkin as she gets ready for bed, the will to Elf is at an all time low.

Traditions are not without challenges. Sometimes that challenge is just to maintain awareness of the off-seasonal hiding spot of the Elf from year to year. Sometimes it’s to come up with legit mischief each night. Sometimes it’s to set an alarm at night so I don’t forget. Either way, when I see the Princess Cupcake deep in conversation with her Elves each morning, I remember why I embarked on this lengthy Elf-love commitment. And that she’s only little once. And that magic won’t last forever. And how much we both love this little gig we have going on.

And so, I persevere through the many stages of Elf Love. <3

Elf infographic

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