Oonies Toy Review

These inflatable, sticky, balloons are tons of fun!


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Thank you Moose Toys for sponsoring this post. Get crafty with your kiddo and make “ooniements” with Oonies by Moose Toys this holiday season!

Moms, listen up. I know we’re all trying to get that last minute shopping done, finding the best toys (read: quiet, doesn’t make a mess, creative learning toys disguised as “awesome” toys…) to put under the tree that they’ll play with for more than a hot minute.

I got ya, babe. Here’s a fun toy you didn’t see coming: OONIES.

I know, silly name, but what ARE they?

They’re these little rubber pellets that inflate to round balls.

I’m laughing because I can see your face in the screen right now. Bear with me. It gets better.

They’re a little sticky so you can piece them together or add on these fun accessory wings and eyeballs to make animals or monsters or whatever your kids’ imagination can come up with.

Because they are sticky – but no sticky residue – they can also make games with them like bullseye on the window (without breaking it) or stack them in towers.

Are you still with me? Really, the ideas are limitless – so I love that they are creative and relatively mess-free. And, they really fun to squish and hold, even for grown-ups. (Authors note: DO NOT LET YOUR DOGS EAT THESE. They’ll choke because they don’t pop easily. Our Beast stole a couple of them after they were inflated and we had to wrestle them out of his mouth. Not fun.) And the Oonies website has lots of really fun videos to give them more project and game ideas.

Aside from the occasional popping of an Oonie – which in and of itself is as satisfying as popping bubble wrap but BIGGER, and the loads of giggles that they incite, this is definitely a quiet toy. The mess is totally minimal too – and… they don’t stay inflated forever so you aren’t compelled to KEEP every creation for eternity either. That’s a win in mom’s book. Take a photo of all their fun creations, but don’t take up space. Now I see you nodding a solid YAAASSSS….

From the parent perspective, these are a great toy for gift giving. They come in a starter pack that contains the inflator and Oonie pellets. You can also purchase a refill package of pellets, and a theme pack which has some of the character accessories.

My girl LOVED watching the Oonie pellet magically grow into an Oonie, and making the animals with them. The accessories were used up first so we are on the hunt for more theme packs.

So for real, our Oonies sat on our table in prime position for days and she kept going back to them to make more. And when I finally claimed my table back, they’re so compact, I could store them in a plastic shoe box. Done and done.

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