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Mini King Cake Recipe

In our house, Mardi Gras is a holiday. It has a dedicated storage bin in the attic solely dedicated to it alone. We’ve even been known to decorate a tree for it.We may be too old and lazy to drag ourselves down to St Charles Street to…

Baked S’mores Recipe

S’mores make everything better. Camping, Birthdays…. You know. The big stuff.I’ll tell you this much, I usually don’t like it when I’m the center of attention but f it means someone will bring me a Baked S’mores cake, we’ll zippity do…

North Pole Breakfast

He’s back. Chintz, our Elf on a Shelf, is back.And not only is he back for his second Christmas season, he brought an Elf on a Shelf scout elf friend.Who was promptly named, “Jewel.” You know, so she could get her magic right…

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