Magic Time Machine Restaurant Review

What do a group of fun-loving parents do in an effort to not break their mini Superhero’s hearts when the Superhero party at school gets canceled at the last minute?

They take their tiny Justice League to the Magic Time Machine Restaurant in Addison, of course.

I will admit to having lived in Addison for more than 12 years, driven past it countless times a week and until Friday night, never set a foot inside.

And I’m glad.

Because it couldn’t have possibly been more fun than it was with four partially costumed families of superheroes roughly 4 years old.

At first we were a bit put off that they couldn’t seat our large party until everyone arrived, but now I understand it was in our best interest. The girls played sleeping princess on the Victorian sofas

magic time machine restaurant review

and it allowed us (that would be me, “Super Mom” – no costume — and her trusty sidekick Wonder Woman) the opportunity to sneak past the caricature artist and upstairs to take a peek at the second level of this legendary restaurant.

magic time machine restaurant review

Where not only did we find a stage (for karaoke, awesome….) and bar, but a fortune teller and a face painter with glitter tattoos.


We quickly retrieved the 2 princess superheroes and the mini Batman and ponied up to get their cherubic little cheeks artistically enhanced.

magic time machine restaurant review magic time machine restaurant review

The Wild Kratts family arrived and found us in the arcade.

magic time machine restaurant review

Yes, there’s an arcade, complete with air hockey. (Gatti Town who?!) About that same time, exhausted executive superhero #2 (who saves City Hall on a daily basis) arrived and plunked himself down to have his palm read. Never mind a gazillion trips to New Orleans, he’d never wanted the experience until laying eyes on Madam L in the Magic Time Machine Restaurant.

magic time machine restaurant review

All that before we were even seated.

Now, about that table seating. I don’t believe there’s a normal “table” in there. Each themed experience is different and scattered throughout the historically eclectic floor plan to include a real school bus, a giant pumpkin gourd with ghosts on the inside, gigantuan crayons and so much more that you wouldn’t believe even if I tried to describe it. The salad “bar” is actually in a real jalopy – no lie. An antique car. And I’ll just leave it at that.

Each of the servers are dressed in costume for presumably their favorite cartoon or iconic character. Our waiter was Shaggy from Scooby Doo and his assistant was Daphne. I waited and waited for him to break character and use his normal voice but by the time we left I was convinced that he was gifted from birth with the squeaky whine that epitomizes the Shaggy we know and love. Superhero executive #2 jokingly asked Shaggy if he had any Scooby snacks. To which Shaggy returned with a tall green adult beverage – Superhero Executive #2 was completely shocked, not having read the drink menu previously which includes Wonder Woman’s wonder potion and Superman’s Kryptonite Margaritas among a number of other themed concoctions. My favorite was the Cool Hand Luke Prison Hooch.

While a trip to the Magic Time Machine Restaurant is probably not predicated by the menu, we were all pleasantly surprised. It was complete with all the sustenance small superhero food groups require: popcorn shrimp, pizza, chicken fingers (not toes) and more, plus a smoking potion served in a jar.

magic time machine restaurant review

For grown ups, you had your choice of all the major meat and seafood categories, shrimp fried or in Alfredo, salmon, chicken and steaks in about 8 different ways. (See the Magic Time Machine menu here.)

While you’re waiting for your food to arrive, you may be graced with the presence of Snow White, Superman or the Joker at your table very a la Disneyland character meals. And the kiddos were fully prepared because when they sat down, Shaggy gave them each an autograph book as if he knew Lord Farqaad himself had outcast the fairytale beginnings to Magic Time Machine, who consequently also ganged together to sing a boisterous yet unfamiliar version of Happy Birthday to me.

Both adults and kids alike had a blast at Magic Time Machine Restaurant. I brought the rest of my filet and potatoes home (which means it passed muster) to eat as leftovers, but like our favorite episodes of Superfriends, the memories of a magical night will stay with all of us much longer.

I was not compensated by Magic Time Machine Restaurant for this review. All opinions are my own. We had a nice time and I wanted to tell you about it.

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