Strawberry Santa Treats

If you can’t tell by looking at these, Strawberry Santa Treats are super simple. I made these for the Princess Cupcake’s class snack this afternoon and she thought they were the bomb-diggity. I believe the words were, “Mommy, I LOVE THESE!” Apparently bringing super cool snacks for school seems to be her way of being a rock star helper at age 3.

strawberry santas

Here’s what you need:

A big pile of strawberries

Frosting – I was going to make my own buttercream but when I finally got to these at 11:30 at night… well, let’s just say I was thrilled to see a can of Betty Crocker whipped vanilla in the panty. It worked just fine.

Mix-in’s or other sprinkles for eyes

Mini-marshmallows for the poof on the hat

strawberry santas

If the Elf on a Shelf wasn’t enough to keep your kids in line, maybe a whole plate of Strawberry Santa’s looking at them is?

Here’s what you do:

Wash and dry your strawberries.

Hull them.

Cut off the top third of the strawberry and set to the side. DO NOT throw away, this is the top of your Santa hat.

Cut off the bottom of your strawberry to make it flat. This will prevent them from tipping over. Well, HELP prevent them from tipping over. Driving with these is another story.

Stir up your frosting and put a blop in the middle of the cut bottom part of the strawberry. I also dragged a little down the front so it was more beard-like. I used a pastry bag with a leaf tip to give it some dimension but you could use a knife. I tried to make it look fluffy by poking it a little in a few spots. Yes, I am a little OCD at times.

Put the “hat” back on.

Put a little spot of frosting on the top of Santa’s hat.

Stick the mini-marshmallow to the frosting on the top of Santa’s yummy hat.

Put your two little sprinkle eyes on.


Make these a few hours before and let them sit on the tray you are going to serve them on. Put them on a cookie sheet lined with paper towels. Or else Santa’s going to have some accidents for you to clean up.

strawberry santas


Despite the Princesses deep concern for their well-being, this little Santa army actually travelled relatively well. Since I let the frosting set before moving them a lot, I only lost two hats on the drive and walk into school.


(Be sure to check back for the other part of our special holiday snack for school.)

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