2015 in one word


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What do you do to reset for the new year? Resolutions? Bucket lists? Strategy planning?

We did some resolutions research for a client story and found that 25% of Americans have failed their resolutions that within a week. After two weeks, 71% are still hanging in there but after a month, that number drops to 64%. Surprisingly, 46% have still kept their resolutions at the six month mark, but sadly, only 8% will keep their resolutions through the entire year.

Um yeah. I can’t say I’m surprised. I am typically in that 71%.

This year, I didn’t even waste the time to make resolutions (it helped that I was sick as a dog with strep throat and at the time, didn’t give a flying flip about the new year but…). I usually make 5 – 10 resolutions, but this year I took a different — more realistic approach — and opted to focus more on planning and goal setting instead. I found this crazy business/life coach online that totally cracks me up every time I get her email, but her advice is spot on and oh, so, entertaining. Entertaining in like your crazy Aunt that you keep away from your friends kind of way. She offers this beautifully designed life planner and business planner that I’ve committed to completing, and I feel like that’s a more sensible move. (affiliate link below)


In addition to the planner, my business networking group has asked us to (again) come up with one word that we’ll focus on this year, and incorporate that word into both our personal and business lives. Our one defining word for the year.

I chose the word: Achieve.

Achieve” in that I want to help my clients achieve their marketing goals. “Achieve” in that I have some concrete business goals for my own company. “Achieve” in that I have some big projects on the family front that for my own sanity, I’d need to wrap up in 2015.

Achieve spoke to me. It felt like a word I could be inspired by for a full 365.

I shared my focus word with my friend Alli of AlliK Designs, to see if she could help me create visual art around my one word.

A little paint, a little glitter finish, a few rhinestones, her gorgeous letting, and BOOM! We made a beautiful reminder of my one word.

achieve lettering

black crystal accents on achieve sign

I’m over the moon in love with this!!! It’s hanging on the wall across from my desk so I see it about a million times a minute. It’s a gorgeous, sparkly reminder to stay on task and motivated.

What’s your one word? Do you have one? Alli can help you create a beautiful custom lettered canvas as well. Reach out to her at Toniallik (at) gmail (dot) com.

I can’t wait to show you some other projects Alli and I are collaborating on! This is so fun. 🙂 And… there may just be a give-away next week… Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, you can take in Alli’s other beautiful work on Instagram at Alli K Design

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