How to make a Grinch Holiday Door Decoration


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True Story:

When my husband and I were newly married, he used to be a real stick in the mud about the holidays. We were always bickering about when to put up the tree(s), whether they should be real or fake, how many holiday decorations inside and out. Just the discussion of our Christmas travel schedule was enough to turn him into mister grumpy pants. It was torture for this Mrs. Claus.

So one day when I’d had enough of his grumbling, I picked up  a package of  mini paper Grinch ornaments and replaced the face on all of them with a photo of his. Then I strategically placed them all over the house — on his bathroom vanity, in cabinet with the coffee cups, on the refrigerator, in his dresser drawers…

It was not well received.

I’m still laughing about it years later.  In fact, it’s a become a running tease. This year, I made him a “Grinchmas” travel coffee mug as a warning mechanism for his office co-workers that the holiday scrooge has arrived.

I’ll admit though, the grizzly bear’s small heart has grown three sizes in recent years. When he (probably regrettably) told me that he had to do a holiday door decoration for the contest at work, he didn’t even complain when I presented the Grinch idea. He even helped out into the wee hours of the night to get it installed because of course he told me at the last minute and all the green feathers were sold out in the entire metroplex and we had to HAND CUT green yarn for his fuzzy body.

He’s so cute though!

Since Irving PD Chief was one of the judges, we thought they’d appreciate this.

We should probably name our next dog Grinch, I love him so much.

Okay, so how did we throw this together in record time and how can you do the same? I’ll tell you how you SHOULD do it (not how we raided my crafting hoard at literally hours before…) I’ll include a a roundup of items at the end in case you want to just Prime it all to you.

You’ll need a roll of paper that’s used for covering tables, obviously we used white because that’s what I had. We measured the door and trimmed off the excess.

You can probably tell, but the face of the grinch was vinyl that I cut with my silhouette. I used the file that I bought for the mug (that link isn’t the exact one, but similar) in the above photo and made it as big as I could get on my 12 x 12 sheet. I also cut the numbers out of this, but you could use packaged numbers from the craft store. For the shape of the body, the hubs hand drew it with black sharpie. I colored the eyes in with yellow sharpie. The height lines are black sharpie. We used a ruler to make them even.

We used brown felt for the shoes and the shirt. Basically, he just folded the felt in half so they would by symmetrical, and then cut out the shapes until we were okay with it. It’s not perfect, but… whatever.

The white trim is just cotton balls.

The mug shot sign was just created on the computer in a word document and printed out. It’s 8.5 x 11.

Now about that fur… I WANTED to use bright green feathers, but there were none ANYWHERE. I resorted to a ball of yarn that was grinch colored and HAND CUT EVERY PIECE. Ugh, it was ridiculous — but here’s a tip if you find yourself in the same boat: Wrap the yarn around your hand many times and then remove your hand. Start snipping layers and layers of the yard together, it will go much faster. Another tip, use your fabric scissors – they cut so much better!

Everything is attached to the paper with hot glue, except the vinyl which obviously stuck on its own.

Here’s a roundup of items you might want to use to create your own Grinch Office Door. I even added my favorite plushie for inspo. Happy decorating!




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  1. Tamra Phelps says

    My favorite was The Grinch. As a kid, watching the original, I had a soft spot for him, and as an adult I understand being a little grouchy about Cmhristmas, lol.

  2. bernie wallace says

    I like the Grinch’s dog because I like dogs. This movie looks like a lot of fun.

  3. Paula Crover Schneyer says

    SO fun!! You know I do love me some Grinch. I might even love it a little more?? Love the mug.

  4. Celeste parker says

    I love the grinch because I think he’s just misunderstood

  5. Roger f (@Rogerf54229496) says

    My favorite Dr. Suess character has always been the Cat in the Hat. Thank you for the giveaway.

  6. Ashley B says

    I love Max! He’s just so cute!

  7. Katherine S says

    The grinch himself

  8. Laura V says

    My favorite character is The Grinch itself. As I shared on facebook, I have a love-hate relationship with the Holiday. I love all the decoration and so on, but it’s always family drama that I’d rather avoid, so I like the holidays, and what it represents, but I hate all the craziness of it, and rather stay home, lol. So in a way I identify myself a lot with characters like The Grinch, or Scrooge. I don’t know, it’s always ironic and fun to bring these characters into the Holiday spirit, haha. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy. Crossing fingers.

  9. Sean Schneyer says

    What an awesome story and contest!

  10. John Smith says

    “Tell me your favorite Grinch character and why in the comments below!” The Grinch himself is really funny! He’s wicked and ridiculous!

  11. Debbie Ernst says

    I love the grinch. He’s bad but then the love of a child melts his heart

  12. gracefulcoffee says

    I love the grinch because he is funny.


  13. Sabrina says

    Cindy Lou Hoo

  14. Jessica To says

    I like Cindy Lou Who because she’s really sweet but inquisitive.

  15. AEKZ2 says

    My favorite is Cindy-Lou Who because she’s so sweet.

  16. stephaniegrant4 says

    My all time favorite character is The Grinch himself! I’ve loved him since I was a little girl!

  17. Donna Teller says

    I love Max because he is so cute and I am a huge dog lover

  18. missy ellis says

    the grinch, he’s funny

  19. Amanda Whitley says

    i like cindy lou who because she is the sweetest!

  20. Christy says

    Max the dog

  21. Alicia Combs says

    My fave is the Cat in the Hat but I do love the Grinch! Especially this new version. 😀

  22. Tracie M. Cooper says

    Our favorite is Max. We love dogs in our family! My email is [email protected]

  23. James Donnellon says

    Max because he is adorable!

  24. Cassandra (@annabelsherl) says

    Mr.Grinch,because of the facial expressions. Priceless!

  25. Sarah Sobocinski says

    I love Max.

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