Kids Summer Checklist


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How did it happen that today is the last day of school already?!

I might be freaking out a little that I officially have a 3rd grader – and that she has the whole summer on her hands. Or rather, my hands as we’ll be home together. Me working, and her being 8 every day, all day long. And while I want her to have sweet memories of wasted summers with lazy mornings and swimming by the pool, I also want her to keep her mind and heart from going to veggie town and staying there. So in between end of year awards and volunteering for the class party today, I slammed out these ground rules this super fun “checklist!” No sense in waiting to set the stage right?

Welcome home! Yay it’s summer! Congrats! And by the way, here are the house rules for the next 81ish days.

I’m sure this will go over well. But hey, I put a pug on it so that should soften the blow.

kids summer checklist

In case you’d like to use it at your house, click here to download at higher resolution pdf. My “parents choice” has her reading a verse from her kids’ bible and saying a prayer but you can fill in whatever you like. I will also laminate mine so that she can write on it with wipe off markers and use it every day. You can too, just get laminating sheets to DIY at any office supply store, or take it to Kinko’s and they’ll laminate it for you.

Cheers to Summer!

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