Mad Hatter Crafts


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Makers gonna make, make, make, make, make. That’s the unofficial rally song for my Craft Exchange. This fun group of ladies from all over the country get together (via online conference) three times a year and exchange hand-made crafts that we’ve made in secret for each other. This is not an art show, in fact, sometimes our craft projects miserably fail — and that’s SOOOO good because the conversations we exchange about how we perfected our technique and what we learned are like crack for crafters. I love that this is a safe place where we can share our wins and fails, and our plan B’s. If that wasn’t interesting enough, I choose a theme for each time we exchange. This go-around, I challenged my makers to be inspired by the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

I set the scene with a melting clock and some playing card cupcakes,

melted clock for mad hatter party

And a few other goodies.

tablescape for mad hatter party wine for mad hatter party

But the real fun is in CRAFTMAS and getting to reveal our projects to each other.

Seeing as how I’ve never actually SEEN Alice in Wonderland (I have read the Golden Book), I opted to go the literal route with my project. Here are few photos of my Mad Hatter keepsake box. See… hat. On box.

mad hatter inspired keepsake box

Pretty straightforward.

I know he carries a pocket watch, so that’s under the lid with a scrolled quote.

alice in wonderland mad hatter box

And something about a card with a weird fraction on it, so that’s in the hatband.

mad hatter keepsake box

Others were a little more free-thinking with their amazing projects and I love every one! Let me show you what they made:

Ali embossed these mugs with her famous handwriting (AlliKDesign) that say, “Creative Juice”

creative juice mug

and paired them with these pretty marbled ring dishes.

marbled ring dish

Anna upcycled lights and teacups to make these fun lamps!

blue willow teacup lamp

tea cup lamp

Angela blew me away with this batik journal. (Just wait until I tell you what all went into this project!)

handmade batik journal

My sister Dawn made WINE! And she hand-drew the label.

alice in wonderland wine

And made these adorable themed crystal wine charms.

mad hatter wine

Debbie made delicious homemade peach preserves (to go with our tea).

homemade peach preserves

Donna made us all gasp with these sweet tea towels.

mad hatter tea towel

Speaking of tea, Dorie made infused earl grey tea candles. Yum.

earl grey infused candles

Elizabeth made her own stamps (yes, made her own stamps) to design tea towels, and then stitched them with fun accents.

stamped tea towels

Johanna – the queen of packaging (no one ever wants to open them because the bags are so cute) – made us luxurious bath bombs in pretty silver teacups.

mad hatter bag

bath bombs

Katie rolled up a storm with these heart shaped bottles filled with famous quotes from the book.

mad hatter quotes

Meranda made these whimsical flowers for our wall (out of wire from HOME DEPOT!) How cute would these be all over a wall?

flower wall art

Molly made these whimsical yarn baskets. They magically keep their shape.

purple yarn bowl

yarn bowl

Sabrina made these beautiful tiered stands. She sourced items from as far away as Australia!

china plate tiered stand

Sarah made these pretty brooches from clock faces that she found in her father-in-law’s attic.

clock face pendant

Sevi made upcycled tea cups and candle holders to make these unique planters! (You can find her how-to on Snapguide here.)

teacup planter

Sharon made gorgeous fused glass pendants and china piece pendants.

fused glass pendant

I am really excited to feature some of these craft projects in more detail for you in the weeks to come. Thankfully, some of these talented ladies have shared their tips and tricks to making these meaningful gifts, and I get to share their how-to’s with you! Stay tuned for more!

come eat at the mad hatter party

There are sponsor opportunities for this very special triannual event. For more information, please contact me!



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