Party Peeking: Pirate Party


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Walking the plank has never been so fun. The Princess Cupcake and I were part of the motley crew of landlubbers who commandeered the local aquatic center for Captain Drew’s 4th birthday.

When you get an invitation like this:

pirate party invitation

With scorched edges. In a bottle.

With pirate rings.

And pirate tattoos (both girl and boy skeletons).

And skeleton candy.

It would be sheer tyranny not to report for duty.

Pirate Momma Sabrina and her trusty crew set this mutany into motion in nearly 15 minutes. Because when you have a destination party, sometimes that’s all the time they give you. But you’d never have known…

Beside the chlorine seas, the ship’s decor was complete with pirate balloons

pirate party balloons

while the flags flew high

pirate party decorations

above the pirate ship

pirate party ship

and the table set for a feast with pirate plates

pirate party plates

waiting to be filled with the grub — which of course was displayed in treasure chests and pirate buckets

pirate party food

filled with pirate’s booty and pirate cake pops.

Wash it down with some Seadog Grog

pirate party drinks

and then grab a handful of cannon balls and peppermint planks.

pirate party food

The fruit set sail in a watermelon ship next to chocolate covered marshmallows

pirate party food

while the cupcakes kept guard over it all.

pirate party food

pirate party cupcakes

Matching lollipops, paper straws and utensils,

pirate party food

to duel the skull sandwiches,

pirate party food

candy cannon balls, and matching cake.

pirate party food

Oh, the cake!

pirate cake

Everyone left with sword cookie bounty in chevron bags

pirate party favors

But wait, there’s more treasure… maps and real compasses!

pirate party bounty

Don’t leave yet. Get dried off for a bit more fun… there’s a photo booth – complete with costumes for pirate princesses

pirate party photo booth

and fake moustaches for the preschool pirates

pirate party moustaches

Hey, who’s that old guy?!

Puma Pirate

Oh yeah, the Puma Pirate. Sheesh.

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  1. michelle says

    where or how did you get the print outs

    1. Trista Perot says

      Hi Michelle. I think she found them online, either free or in the silhouette store. She is a master at Google. 😉

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