Vera Bradley launch party at the Vintage House


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It rained for 2 solid days. I don’t live in Seattle. I live in Texas. And that kind of gully washer is kinda unusual. And annoying considering I have a leak in my trunk that only grabs my attention when it’s wet outside. Pair the grey dismal weather to my ongoing pity party over my ear ache and you have a grumpy, slightly depressed waterlogged Momma. Who really wanted to stay in bed but needed to get out, smile a little, and enjoy a some retail therapy. Of the best kind. The Pink House kind.

If you’re in the Dallas/Carollton area, then you know of the Vintage House, aka affectionately known as The Pink House (because it’s bright pink of course). It’s the Princess Cupcake and my favorite retail boutique — probably because we feel like family there. That and they have the largest selection of Vera Bradley you could imagine. (Yep, the Cupcake can spot a Vera bag from across a crowded room. We should know.) And the Vintage House Vera Bradley launch parties are quickly becoming famous — not just because of the fabulous selection of new Vera Bradley products, but because the spotlight of the new pattern is stolen by the incredible replica cakes from C-Star Cakes.

Vera Bradley Go Wild cake

Here’s a better photo of the front (sloping a little since it was already cut). The original bag is in the background.

vera bradley replica cake go wild

The cakes are now legendary, burning up the twitterverse and Pinterest boards. Christy Starling, the cake designer, has an incredible eye for detail. See the tag?

vera bradley cake close up

And the Vera Bradley snaps? They actually say, “Vera Bradley.” I’m not kidding.

vera bradley cake snaps with writing

Look at the zipper likeness. Crazy good.

vera bradley cake zipper close up

If you feel too guilty to eat a piece of this gorgeous cake art, the Vintage House also has color coordinated cookies and cake balls for each launch.

vera bradley cake balls

But get there before the Cupcake, because she can put away some cake balls… Just sayin’.

And once she has a little sugar, she’ll happily oblige a photo with the adorable Vera Bradley party favors.

Vintage House party favors

Look closer, the “sunglasses” are nail files. Adorbs.

Vera Bradley sunglasses nail files

(Note the new Vera Bradley flower headband on the Princess Cupcake’s head. Yeah, that went home with us.)

And let’s not forget why we’re all here. It’s to see the delicious new Vera Bradley patterns: Go Wild, Midnight Blues, Plum Crazy, and Jazzy Blooms.

New patterns from vera bradley on display vintage house vera bradley display

After the excitement of the new Vera Bradley and the cake, your heartbeat will start to return to normal. Put the lure of the brightly quilted fabric behind you and take a look around the 3 floors of the Vintage House because there’s always something new. Like this fun skin care line called Farmhouse Fresh.

2013-01-09 17.04.37

Yummy fragrances and silky smooth lotions with silly names like Whoopie Pie and Fluffy Bunny (the Cupcake’s favorite). And oh, the lovable cows.

farmhouse fresh display at pink house

Loved the cows, loved them all — and LOVE that they were made by TCU grad Shannon McLindon of Frisco. Oh yeah, and among their many accolades, the line is also on Oprah’s list of favorite things.

It goes without saying that the Vintage House is on the Mommy Upgrade list of favorite things. Follow them on Facebook for more photos from their fabulous launch parties. And next time they have one, go — even if your trunk sloshes and your ear hurts!

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